NexVue Adapts Brand to Demonstrate Focus on and Align with Acumatica

NexVue Information Systems, an Acumatica Gold Partner and Independent Software Vendor (ISV), has blending their code colors, logo, and website to some-more closely simulate their concentration on a Acumatica cloud ERP platform.

As a first Acumatica Partner, NexVue has been focused on implementing and building on a Acumatica height for over 8 years. In an bid to denote their fixing with and concentration on Acumatica, NexVue has updated their code colors and iconography to compare and enrich a Acumatica brand. In addition, NexVue has also blending their code symbol and updated their website ( to adopt a some-more complicated visible illustration of their forward-looking organization.

These changes also extend to a Acumatica ISV solutions that NexVue has grown – Rental360 ( for a apparatus let attention and Prime Food Service Software ( for a food placement industry.

“The name NexVue comes from a difference “Nexis” that means a indicate of entrance together and “Vue”, a French word for vision,” pronounced NexVue Founder President, Dan Schwartz. “NexVue brings together a complicated prophesy for heading record with core values of peculiarity use and devoted partnership. Acumatica is a complicated ERP solution. We wish a code and website to simulate a complicated height around that a business is focused. At a same time, NexVue is singular in that we are constantly looking at, not usually what is entrance subsequent for Acumatica, though where WE can take a resolution subsequent by customization and growth to supply a clients for success now and in a future. Our new code temperament is a visible sign of a fixing with Acumatica while maintaining a singular prophesy for a future.”

On Jun 19th, Acumatica announced that it is being acquired by EQT Partners, a tellurian investment organisation with $45B (€40B) of resources underneath management. As a approach outcome of this acquisition, Acumatica expects to boost a workforce by 40 to 50 percent any year, has stretched a footprint into 65 countries, and has stretched financial resources accessible to serve rise a solution. This merger affirms a trust that NexVue placed in Acumatica’s vision.

“The fact that we will see no changes in a pricelist, product use rights, or branding, and that Acumatica support will usually urge with larger accessibility worldwide, speaks to a strengths of a Acumatica business indication and height to-date,” pronounced Schwartz. “We, during NexVue, are vehement about a advantages that these changes will move to a stream and destiny clients in a form of fast product growth and extended and stretched tellurian support. We demeanour brazen to a shared, splendid destiny with Acumatica and EQT.”

About NexVue Information Systems

For 30 years, NexVue Information Systems has been building and innovating on ERP solutions. With over 500 ERP implementations and 2500 businesses regulating NexVue grown solutions, NexVue solutions go over ERP implementations and residence today’s business and record issues such as softened business agility, on-demand scalability, confidence and control, maximal value of informational assets, and a lowest sum cost of ownership.

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