Nintendo GameCube controller set for quip on Switch

Based on a direct for a new console re-releases, it’s satisfactory to interpretation a ardour for nostalgia is strongest among Nintendo fans.

So it’s no warn to see justification emerge indicating to a recover of an strictly protected GameCube-esque connected controller for a Nintendo Switch console.

Reddit from user Mew_The_Creator posted images of wrapping for Switch pads built by a Power A manufacturer. The print says a mock-ups were sent to his workplace, though he didn’t contend where he worked.

The launch of a GameCube controllers could be geared to arrive alongside a Switch chronicle of Super Smash Bros. Nintendo recently announced a classical fighting diversion will launch on a hybrid console after this year, though it nonetheless to endorse a recover date.

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The final GameCube controller re-release for a Wii U was designed for use with that chronicle of Super Smash Bros. There’s also an central GameCube controller USB adatpter expelled for a Wii U, that can also be used with a Switch.

The picture of a Gamecube-inspired controllers is accompanied by boxes for protected Mario-themed wireless controllers, also built by Power A.

“Nintendo sent them to a trickery to furnish product blueprint for stores so a tangible controllers aren’t in there, though a product is confirmed,” a user writes (via Nintendo Everything).

Will we be shopping these connected GameCube-style controllers to boost your Smash Bros. for Switch set-up when it arrives after this year? Drop us a line @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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