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Perception Neuron PRO is a veteran chronicle of Noitom’s fit constraint system.

When we saw a Perception Neuron fit constraint fit we realised how many intensity it has for theatre and live events, bringing a totally new dimension to a approach audiences can knowledge live performance.

Noitom, a association that launched Perception Neuron—the world’s many affordable fit constraint system—is behind in Europe attending a Prolight Sound discussion during a Messe Frankfurt—the world’s largest trade fair, association and eventuality organizer, Apr 10th -13th.

During a 4-day show, Noitom will deliver their arriving Perception Neuron PRO.

Like Perception Neuron 2.0, a new chronicle is an IMU sensor-based full-body fit constraint complement that can record fit information anywhere though any constraints to space and though a need for visible cameras. Perception Neuron PRO is totally wireless and can be used in any lighting condition both indoors or out, though occlusion, cameras or line-of-site restrictions. With a ist a high toleration to captivating fields, and hardware that can withstand energetic motion, Perception Neuron PRO offers a strong resolution for veteran filmmakers, animators, researchers and theatre performers.

Perception Neuron PRO is a truly wireless system, with a information delivery holding place directly from a sensors to a hub. A 120 Hz limit outlay rate will give users well-spoken and accurate data. Designed to be portable, Perception Neuron PRO comes with a hardshell anti-mag box for storing a fit constraint fit and a accessories. One of a system’s many critical accessories is a “battery box” box that is used not usually for storage of a sensors, though for calibration. The sensors are calibrated in a routine where they are placed inside a box and a box is changed as a complement directs. The box also works as a charging hire where a sensors can be recharged all during once providing a preference of continual use.

The sensors themselves are enclosed in housing that afterwards snaps onto a fit straps.

The housing also facilitates a symbol that can be used to spin a sensors on or off.

“We are always looking toward a destiny and meditative about what a assembly competence need next,” says Roch Nakajima, boss of Noitom International. “Perception Neuron PRO is directed during creators seeking to constraint heated motions for big-budget productions. PN PRO is designed to be a candid choice for professional-level fit constraint recording. Without visible cameras to set up, and though any boundary to space and light, directors and animators can design purify and accurate formula that will compare a scale of their plan while saving on time and costs.”

Perception Neuron PRO will make a central launch in Q2 2018 and will be accessible for squeeze on a Perception Neuron online store.

“Prolight Sound is a ideal eventuality to deliver PN PRO,” adds Nakajima, “the professionals who come to this uncover from a several media and party industries will see a value in a robust, affordable and accurate fit constraint system.”

For a array of live demos during a show, Noitom will be assimilated by NOTCH VFX during a Green Hippo booth, Hall 4, Booth C31. Already famous to some of a world’s biggest artists and special effects supervisors, and concordant with media servers such as Green Hippo, NOTCH’s overwhelming graphics digest can be used in real-time fit during live performances. Combined with Perception Neuron’s full physique fit capture, NOTCH gives any performer or theatre executive a ability to furnish compelling, WYSIWYG visible effects that confederate seamlessly with tellurian fit to raise live party experiences.

The multiple of Perception Neuron and NOTCH creates it probable to emanate low-cost prolongation visible effects not only for big-name, large bill theatre shows, though for productions of any scale. Both chronicle 2.0 and a PRO chronicle are concordant with NOTCH.

“We during Notch are always looking for ways to take live visuals to a subsequent turn and move extraordinary new possibilities to uncover designers,” says Matt Swoboda, owner of NOTCH. “When we saw a Perception Neuron fit constraint fit we realised how many intensity it has for theatre and live events, bringing a totally new dimension to a approach audiences can knowledge live performance. The setup is straightforward, there are no cameras or formidable rigs concerned and it’s really pretty labelled – only tag it on to your theatre performers, block it in and see their motions translated to 3D”

Prolight + Sound will take place Apr 10th – 13th. Noitom will be located during Hall 4, Booth #B26. For some-more information about Prolight + Sound, greatfully visit:

For some-more about Perception Neuron, revisit To learn some-more about NOTCH VFX software, visit:

Founded in 2011, Noitom Ltd. works with a group of dedicated engineers who rise world-class fit constraint record for consumer and industrial markets by a formation of MEMS sensors, settlement recognition, tellurian kinetics and wireless transmission. Noitom is an ubiquitous personality in innovative record for use in animation, film, medical applications, robotics and gaming. Noitom is headquartered in Beijing with associate offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Miami. For serve information about Noitom and a services, greatfully visit, For ubiquitous inquiries, greatfully email, info(at)

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