Nvidia Shield TV vs Nvidia Shield TV Pro: Should we go Pro?

Which new Shield TV should we buy? Nvidia Shield TV vs Nvidia Shield TV Pro

Nvidia has only suggested a new (2019 edition) Nvidia Shield TV and Nvidia Shield TV Pro and both are intensely engaging propositions in a tide TV streaming and gaming landscape. But, that one is best for you?

Both inclination flourish new facilities such as support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, while also braggadocio a likes of AI Upscaling to give 1080p calm a 4K shine. Nvidia’s cloud-streaming GeForce Now use is also accessible on both a customary and Pro editions of a Shield TV, so what indeed is a difference?

Most conspicuous is a sparkling redesign for a customary edition, while a Pro indication retains that irritable gaming console vibe. Looks aren’t all and there are distant some-more factors that will establish that one of these new and uninformed inclination best fit your needs. Let’s take a look…

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Nvidia Shield TV vs Nvidia Shield TV Pro

Nvidia Shield TV vs Nvidia Shield TV Pro – Price

The Nvidia Shield TV costs £149 and includes a Shield Remote. The Nvidia Shield TV Pro is labelled during £199 and also includes a Shield Remote.

The Nvidia Shield TV’s cost might already be a tough sell for those looking to get a streaming device with meatier hardware than a likes of a Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV. However, we are removing reward facilities such as Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision support for a price, as good as being means to tide games around a cloud interjection to GeForce Now. 

If you’re large into gaming, it might be value shelling out a additional £50 for a Nvidia Shield TV Pro, that has higher RAM and dual USB ports for peripherals.  

Nvidia Shield TV vs Nvidia Shield TV Pro – Design

While a Nvidia Shield TV Pro keeps to a normal pattern of a streaming device line, a new Nvidia Shield TV looks totally different. Both inclination do come with a redesigned Shield Remote that is a lot some-more stylish than a prior iteration.

The Nvidia Shield TV is some-more suggestive of a streaming hang – yet not quite. The pattern is tubular and many closely resembles tiny battery packs like those done by Anker. It’s really a distant some-more space-saving from, designed privately to censor from perspective behind a television. 

The Pro book looks some-more like a mini gaming console, and is approaching to be proudly placed in your arrangement cupboard for all to see. It’s really got a form that will interest to gamers, that creates clarity given it has a combined opening punch to play some-more complete video games locally.

Nvidia Shield TV vs Nvidia Shield TV Pro – Specs

Both a Nvidia Shield TV and Nvidia Shield TV Pro facilities a Tegra X1+ chip along with support for 4K, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and AI Upscaling.

The Nvidia Shield TV Pro is somewhat improved specs though, with 3GB of RAM and 16GB of inner storage to a unchanging Shield TV’s 2GB of RAM and 8GB of inner storage. The extended specs meant a Pro should run particularly smoother when personification games locally, while also traffic with simple tasks better.

The Nvidia Shield TV Pro also comes with dual USB 3.0 ports – a must-have for hardcore gamers who don’t wish to be singular by Bluetooth for joining a gaming keyboard and mouse. Speaking of gamers…

Nvidia Shield TV vs Nvidia Shield TV Pro

Nvidia Shield TV vs Nvidia Shield TV Pro – Games

So what do a specs meant for gamers looking to buy one of these new 2019 devices? The beefier specs of a Nvidia Shield TV Pro meant that it can run – what Nvidia calls – “Advanced Android Games”. These include: a Half Life 2 series, Borderlands 2, Resident Evil 5 and more.

The customary Shield TV can still run customary Android games locally, yet a library is limited. Some prominence picks embody Super Meat Boy and This War of Mine.

Performance might not be a outrageous understanding if we are looking to do copiousness of cloud streaming though. You’ll be means to use GeForce Now on whatever indication we buy, providing entrance to hundreds and hundreds of games as prolonged as we have a decent adequate internet connection. 

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Nvidia Shield TV vs Nvidia Shield TV Pro


The dual Shield TV inclination support to opposite audiences.

If we are in a Shield TV diversion for a reward streaming device that we wish to slip seamlessly into your home setup, hang to a unchanging model. With reduction RAM and a some-more low-profile design, it’s ideal for those who only wish a streaming box and anyone who’s happy to rest on cloud streaming for AAA gaming. 

The Nvidia Shield TV Pro costs £50 more, yet we get a some-more glamorous pattern in return. Ports for connected peripherals also comes in handy, either you’re personification locally or around GeForce Now. Overall, a Pro is really most targeted during critical gamers. 

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