OCZ Arc 240GB Review

What is a OCZ Arc 240GB?

It’s been a tough time for OCZ of late – a association delved into failure during a finish of 2013 and was snapped adult by Toshiba. It now operates as a subsidiary.

The Arc is one of a firm’s initial large releases given a shake-up, and it arrives with a rival cost of £80 – on standard with a Crucial BX100 and SanDisk Ultra Plus II, and usually 10 pounds cheaper than a considerable Crucial MX200.

OCZ Arc 240GB – Design

Given OCZ’s new owners, it’s no warn that a Arc is built around Toshiba memory, with 19nm MLC chips deployed here. That means a Arc’s silicon might not offer a perfect speed of a 16nm tools inside Crucial’s drive, though 19nm chips come with their possess advantages – they’re cheaper, for starters, and should infer some-more reliable.

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OCZ Arc 240GB

The 19nm memory is interconnected with a Barefoot 3 M10 controller. It’s one of dual homegrown chips used by OCZ inside a stream drives, nonetheless it’s a slower chronicle here – a M10 is clocked to 352MHz, while a M00 inside some-more costly SSDs runs during 397MHz.

OCZ rates this drive’s continuation during 20GB per day. That’s about half a longer durability consumer drives though it’s still copiousness for home PCs and gaming rigs as they only won’t use that arrange of data. Only bureau systems with aloft workloads will need perfectionist improved endurance.

The Arc supports AES 256-bit encryption, though there’s no pointer of TCP Opal 2.0 or eDrive protection. That’s not surprising for affordable SSDs, though they were both enclosed in a Crucial MX200.

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