Olympus Labs Partners with Civic Technologies to move Decentralized…

Olympus Labs, a heading blockchain financial ecosystem, has announced a vital partnership with Civic Technologies Inc., a association revolutionizing digital temperament with a blockchain-based technology. The partnership brings trusted, secure temperament services to a cryptocurrency financial products charity and enables Olympus to guarantee that their users are stable and accurate within a ecosystem.

“We are vehement about a confidence and assent of mind that a Civic Reusable KYC routine will move to a users, and trust this will be pivotal in a bid to urge a clarity of a blockchain financial product space,” pronounced Kai Chen, CEO of Olympus Labs.

Olympus will be operative with Civic to run a decentralized KYC routine and firmly determine user identities as they onboard business to their initial product charity of indices that consumers can buy within a few taps within their mobile app. As Olympus expands to offer some-more collection to assistance financial product creators to emanate some-more products over indices, such as futures, Civic’s digital temperament services will guarantee a village formulating and shopping these decentralized cryptocurrency products.

“We are gratified to acquire Olympus Labs to Civic’s Partner Network. This partnership outlines another miracle for Civic’s ecosystem and for on-demand, secure, and low-cost entrance to temperament corroboration services,” pronounced Civic CEO, Vinny Lingham.

For some-more information about Olympus and a new index product launch, revisit https://olympuslabs.io.

For some-more information about Civic or to turn a Civic business partner, revisit https://www.civic.com.

About Olympus Labs:

Olympus Labs is a custom for a decentralized origination of cryptocurrency financial products with a one-stop-shop mobile focus that offers investors a financial products built regulating a Olympus Protocol. The Olympus Ecosystem integrates financial product creators, third-party applications, exchanges, and cost oracles, and we inspire third-party developers to build their possess financial products and D-apps regulating Olympus Protocol.

About Civic:

Civic is a idealist blockchain identity-verification record that allows consumers to sanction a use of their identities in genuine time. They are spearheading a growth of an ecosystem that is designed to promote on-demand, secure, and low-cost entrance to identity-verification services around a blockchain. Civic recently introduced a Civic token that participants in a ecosystem will use to yield and accept identity-verification-related services. The association sole $33 million of a tokens during a token sale eventuality in Jun 2017. For some-more information, revisit https://www.civic.com.


For some-more information about Olympus Labs:

To learn some-more about a project, greatfully revisit http://www.olympuslabs.io.

To deposit in a project, we can buy MOT on Kyber and Olympus app, as good as on OKEx, Bibox, FuBT and BTCGO

To support a project, we can join us on amicable media:

Telegram chat: https://t.me/olympuslabs

Twitter: twitter.com/olympuslabsbc

Wechat: OlympusLabs

Civic Media Contact:

To learn some-more about Civic, greatfully revisit http://www.civic.com and download a Android or iOS apps

PR Contact: Spark PR – civic(at)sparkpr.com

Twitter: twitter.com/civickey

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