Olympus Labs to Debut Cryptocurrency Index Product with Indices…

Olympus Labs, an rising personality and colonize in cryptocurrency financial protocols and products, has partnered with BB Index, provider of a world’s initial well-diversified crypto-asset indices with systematic exposures to opposite segments of a cryptocurrency markets.

As partial of this partnership, all 26 BB investable indices can now can be assembled and tracked by Olympus’ mobile app with only one daub of a button. Due to a core protocol, a Olympus core intelligent agreement allows for fit and timely riposte of these indices for investors to lane and purchase.

“Investments in a cryptocurrency marketplace is still during an rudimentary stage. If mercantile and financial story have taught us anything, it is that pacifist supports minister to fast and tolerable expansion of investments. Olympus presents a good record to inspire expansion in both pacifist and active funds. Launching a BB indices regulating a efficiency and pointing of Olympus height will minister to a expansion of this market,” settled Dr. Redouane Elkamhi, co-founder and developer of BB Index.

A landmark feat for blockchain and item management

This partnership will lane some of a critical developments of some-more “traditional” financial marketplace indices over a years. Given that pure and investable cryptocurrency indices are singular in a marketplace these days, this partnership will put time and cost assets into a hands of intensity and stream cryptocurrency investors.

“We trust in a good value that this formation between BB Index and Olympus will move to a ubiquitous and seasoned cryptocurrency financier alike,” pronounced Kai Chen, CEO of Olympus Labs, echoing a certain sentiments of Dr. Elkhami, “With a palliate and morality of a mobile app, we will capacitate them to deposit in timely and well-managed indices with small hassle.”

By rising this index partnership, both parties have combined a essential apparatus for producing a outrageous operation of investment products that investors enterprise today.

“The blockchain village and investors will advantage tremendously from these transparent, good tangible and eccentric assembled indices, presented in a many permitted way,” combined Dr. Elkamhi.

About Olympus Labs:

Olympus Labs is a custom for a decentralized origination of cryptocurrency financial products with a one-stop-shop mobile focus that offers investors a financial products built regulating a Olympus Protocol.

The Olympus Ecosystem integrates financial product creators, third-party applications, exchanges, and cost oracles, and we inspire third-party developers to build their possess financial products and D-apps regulating Olympus Protocol.

About BB Index:

BB Index is a world’s initial well-diversified cryptocurrency indices, that yield investors with systematic exposures to opposite segments of cryptocurrency markets. BB Index has a operation of indices, producing investment products that investors enterprise today. BB Index aims to assistance a blockchain village and investors advantage tremendously from transparent, good tangible and independently-constructed indices.

For some-more information about Olympus Labs:

To learn some-more about a project, greatfully revisit http://www.olympuslabs.io.

To deposit in a project, we can buy MOT on Kyber and Olympus app, as good as on OKEx, Bibox, FuBT and BTCGO

To support a project, we can join us on amicable media:

Telegram chat: https://t.me/olympuslabs

Twitter: twitter.com/olympuslabsbc

Wechat: OlympusLabs

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