Olympus Labs Tokens MOT Now Available for Trading on Radar Relay

Olympus Labs is now accessible on Radar Relay, enabling wallet-to-wallet trade of MOT regulating an open sequence book system.

With this, traders looking to trade MOT seamlessly but a centralized sell will be means to do so on Radar Relay, ensuring that they can buy and sell MOT but an account, boundary or deposits.

“We are really vehement that we are now accessible on Radar Relay, charity MOT to a community,” pronounced Kai Chen, CEO of Olympus Labs. “As a custom enabling decentralized origination of cryptocurrency offerings ourselves, we are rarely aligned with a goal of Radar Relay.”

Radar Relay enables their users to start trade immediately by joining their MetaMask or Ledger Nano S wallet, bypassing a prolonged comment origination process, token control and sealed systems of a centralized exchange. With this, buyers of Olympus Labs’ tokens MOT can seamlessly trade a token on a peer-to-peer relayer.

“We trust that MOT traders will advantage immensely from a non-custodial wallet-to-wallet trade experience, powered by a 0x protocol. With MOT on Radar Relay, users say control of their tokens via a whole routine and can trade but a con of transferring to and from mixed exchanges,” pronounced Connor Herman, Director of Token Analysis during Radar Relay.

Olympus Labs recently expelled their Index Basket Buying Tool, regulating that investors can buy a gold of tokens with a singular click on a Olympus app. With their tokenomics structure, investors use MOT via a origination and squeeze of a several cryptocurrency offerings. As a series of cryptocurrency offerings on Olympus Labs grows, investors will advantage from increasing liquidity and entrance to MOT opposite mixed exchanges and within a app itself.


About Olympus Labs:

Olympus Labs is a custom for formulating cryptocurrency financial products with a one-stop-shop mobile focus that offers investors a financial products built regulating a Olympus Protocol.

Investment managers can emanate financial products regulating a Olympus Protocol and offer them to investors, and investors can squeeze these products on a decentralized marketplace as good as any focus that integrates with a Olympus Protocol.

About Radar Relay:

Radar Relay facilitates wallet-to-wallet trade regulating an open sequence book. There are no accounts, no limits, and no deposits.


For some-more information about Olympus Labs:

To learn some-more about a project, greatfully revisit http://www.olympuslabs.io

To deposit in a project, we can buy MOT in a Olympus app or on Kyber, Radar Relay, OKEx, and Bibox

To support a project, we can join us on amicable media:

Telegram chat: https://t.me/olympuslabs

Twitter: twitter.com/olympuslabsbc

Chinese Telegram: OlympusLabsChina

For some-more information about Radar Relay:

Please revisit the website: https://radarrelay.com/

New to Relayers? Check out the educational sites:






Or the support site: https://support.radarrelay.com/hc/en-us

Telegram chat: https://t.me/Radar_Relay

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RadarRelay

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