OnePlus 3 Could Have More RAM Than A Galaxy S7 Or LG G5

Smartphones entrance with 6GB is going to be a common steer in a nearby destiny and it looks like OnePlus 3 is going to be heading from a front by carrying some-more RAM than your normal laptop.

OnePlus 2

OnePlus 3 Geekbench Leak Shows One Model Will Sport 6GB of RAM – Another Model Will Feature 4GB RAM

Remember a time when OnePlus motionless to hurl out dual models of OnePlus 2? Thanks to a latest hardware trickle pleasantness of Geekbench, we now know that OnePlus 3 is going to come in dual variants and a top behaving indication is going to be incorporated with a whopping 6GB RAM; that is some-more than your entry-level notebooks. Additionally, there is another device along a same flagship lines as a 6GB RAM indication and this one sports 4GB of RAM. However, this one has a 5-inch shade indicating that a device will be catered to those who are incompetent to accommodate a phablet sized phone as their daily motorist underneath any situation.

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As for that chipset will be a partial of a hardware makeup? It is not formidable to immediately interpretation that Snapdragon 820 will be a partial of a pattern given OnePlus 3’s predecessors have all featured SoCs belonging to Qualcomm. One elemental doubt that will leave us in a contemplated state is either or not OnePlus will indeed make things easier for us and incorporate an expandable storage container on both of a devices. Ever given a grand phenomenon of OnePlus One, a phone had all we wanted from a price/performance handset marvel, solely for one of a many essential facilities indispensable in an Android powered handset, a MicroSD label slot.


There is no information revolving around this matter, so we have this feeling in a tummy that OnePlus will recover another smartphone down a highway (like it did with a OnePlus X), and detached from featuring reduction absolute hardware than OnePlus 3, it will competition a torpedo cost tab and of march a most desired expandable storage slot. Details are really wanting during this stream time so as shortly as some-more information becomes accessible to us, we guys will be a initial to know.


What do we guys consider of OnePlus 3 being incorporated with a whopping 6GB of RAM? Let us know your thoughts right away.


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