Oppo N3 Phone Review

What is a Oppo N3?

The Oppo N3 is a phone in a classical Oppo mould. It’s a bizarre one, with a camera that flips around on a motorised hinge to offer we selfies and thespian panoramas that are improved than those from a competition.

This is not phone with a remotely feathery approach, though. It’s out to give we a best pieces of phone tech for a genuine enthusiast, sacrificing pattern morality as a result.

This is maybe not a like-for-like aspirant to a Galaxy Note 4 for people with plenty of income to spend, yet it’s a mostly successful side challenger for those after something out of a norm, like another selfie heavyweight, a HTC Desire EYE. It doesn’t do many to mangle Oppo out of a geeky rut, yet it’s an engaging entrance for early 2015.

Oppo N3 11

Oppo N3 – Design

The Oppo N3 isn’t a phone with utterly a same priorities as many of a outlay from companies such as LG, Samsung and Sony. It looks, feels and is big, complicated and flattering thick.

Over a final integrate of years usually about all costly phones have turn slim – even a huge-screened ones – yet a Oppo N3 is a section of a phone, a like of that we don’t see too mostly any more. It’s 9.9mm thick and 192g, miles chunkier than a likewise 5.5-inch LG G3, that is 8.9mm thick and 149g.

Oppo N3 17

The disproportion between a Oppo N3 and a other Android flagships is unmistakeable, so if we unequivocally wish a slim and pocketable large-screen phone, this substantially isn’t for you. It’s closer in distance to a larger-screen Galaxy Note 4, yet even that phone is still a lot slimmer and lighter.

This isn’t usually us profitable too many courtesy to a numbers, either, since we did find a Oppo N3’s distance means it feels a small stiff in use.

It does feel good made, though, notwithstanding carrying a cosmetic rear. There’s a rope of steel that snakes around a outward of a Oppo N3: it’s utmost frame. This is partial of an aluminium amalgamate exoskeleton that provides many of a phone’s strength. It was adequate to make a 4.85mm-thick Oppo R5 feel tough, and brings a same arrange of strength here.

Oppo N3 15

The pattern does miss cohesion, though. For example, a camera lens hinge partial has a feign leather hardness finish with embossed cosmetic stitching – something Oppo has nicked from Samsung. But this is not to be seen anywhere else on a phone. This is of march deliberate, yet we consider it simply doesn’t demeanour all that great.

We’re not in adore with a feel either. The steel rope brings good strength, yet also gives a Oppo N3’s sides tough contours that usually don’t lay all that good on your palm and fingers. This combined to a weight and pristine measure give a phone a feel worse than many opposition large-screen Androids.

Oppo N3 5

In lapse a Oppo N3 gets we a flattering good array of hardware features. Some of a many irritating omissions of a Oppo R5 do underline in a N3: a microSD memory label slot, a 3.5mm headphone jack and 4G support unequivocally optimised for many western networks.

Some China-brand phones leave out LTE 4G rope 20 as it is not all that critical in countries other than a UK, where it is used by some-more than 50 per cent of a 4G-capable networks, including Vodafone, O2 and GiffGaff. To re-iterate: we do get it in a Oppo N3.

Oppo N3 13

The some-more we demeanour into a Oppo N3, a some-more we realize utterly how geared to a fan it is. For example, there’s a unequivocally inexhaustible 32GB of memory notwithstanding also carrying a microSD slot, a memory label space can also be used as a second SIM container and there’s Wi-Fi ac. This is an determined Wi-FI customary now, charity improved speeds and operation than Wi-Fi n, yet among phones it’s still usually found in top-end models.

NFC is here too. The one blank bit is an IR blaster, and as a N3’s a feature-packed savage we’re a small unhappy it’s not here. You get an IR blaster in phones like a LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy S5, and it lets your phone duty as a controller for your TV and other home party gear. That’s one black symbol opposite a Oppo N3’s geek cred, yet it has copiousness to spare.

Oppo N3 25

The Oppo N3 also has a fingerprint scanner that, like a Huawei Ascend Mate 7, sits on a behind and is surprisingly good. It sits on tip of a earthy clicky symbol used to arise adult a phone so a fingerprint scanner hardware doesn’t have to be constantly on alert.

You can supplement adult to 5 fingerprints, and as it works best by distant with an index finger we can simply get mixed people purebred but feeling like you’re doing yourself over as a result. This is unequivocally one of a improved fingerprint scanners we’ve used in a phone, being light years some-more available than a one in a Galaxy S5.

Unfortunately a behind symbol is not used as a wake-up pivotal should we not use any confidence during all, a contrition becuase a dedicated energy does not lay naturally underneath your ride unless we reason your phone in your left hand.

One other neat small Oppo N3 special is a LED presentation light that sits underneath a winding behind partial of a steel frame, that glows when we have any messages, emails and so on. It sits down there since a tip of a phone is unequivocally owned by a camera. But some-more on that later. 

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