Oppo PM-3 Headphone Review

What are a Oppo PM-3?

The Oppo PM-3 are rarely surprising headphones, many as they competence demeanour like a some-more grown-up take on a Beats Studio. Why? They have a totally opposite arrange of motorist – planar captivating – a form customarily usually seen in headphones many some-more costly than this £350 pair. They’re a many affordable planar captivating headphones we’ve ever worn.

It’s not usually a cost that held a attention, either. The Oppo PM-3 are also a initial planar headphones designed for use outdoors, not customarily for chin-stroking audiophile forms who listen to vinyls in dry aged rooms.

They’re Oppo PM-1s for normal people, some-more or less. And a volume they conduct to move over from those £1100 cans make a Oppo PM-3 some of a best unstable headphones ever devised.

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Oppo PM-3

Oppo PM-3 – Design and Comfort

The Oppo PM-3 are closed-back, over-ear headphones; it’s flattering many a customarily character to go for if we wish to offer both portability and impassioned comfort.

Naturally, this means they’re on a incomparable side, yet they easily conduct their distance to equivocate apropos too large to wear outward yet creation we feel self-conscious. The cups don’t hang out too distant from your head, and conjunction does a headband.

We’ve been wearing a Oppo PM-3 as unstable headphones for a integrate of weeks now, and a pattern is ideal for a job. The demeanour is a bit classier than many unstable headphones too.

Oppo PM-3 13

The Oppo PM-3 have brushed aluminium caps on a cups and corpulent black leather-style pads on a wipe and earpads. These come to characterize a PM-3 look. It’s not all that intense and youthful, yet it’s neutral adequate to support to usually about any crowd.

For £350 we competence be awaiting a Oppo PM-3 to be done of high-end materials. And from other brands, so would we. However, these headphones customarily put a costly things where you’ll notice it, while a categorical support is indeed plastic. And all that leather is indeed fake.

Synthetic leather can make your ears feverishness adult utterly a bit during hotter weather, yet we used them in a gym a few times and on a travel in 20-odd grade continue yet any genuine discomfort. Live in Miami? We don’t have that arrange of feverishness to exam in.

Oppo PM-3 7

Comfort is one of a Oppo PM-3’s genuine clever suits. The pads are really thick, and notwithstanding being feign a leather is soft, not run-down like cheaper kinds of feign stuff. And a approach they discharge their weight and vigour is positively perfect. They don’t clamp too much, a wipe doesn’t puncture into your head. As a outcome we can wear these headphones all day yet any ear ache. Unlike with on-ear headphones, that stands for glasses-wearers too.

The Oppo PM-3 are not utterly light, yet among planar headphones they are really light indeed. As headphone nerds might agree, it’s conspicuous adequate that we can wear these headphones yet even realising they have planar drivers, that need many incomparable magnets than a customary energetic motorist set.

With a pattern that gets we some of a best pieces of unstable and at-home headphones, a Oppo PM-3 are flattering versatile. And they have a accessories to match. The wire is removable, and we get 4 as standard. That’s right: four.

One is a 3m wire for use during home, dual are unstable 1.2m cables for iPhone and Android users and another has no remote during all. The disproportion between them is that a iPhone remote has 3 buttons, a Android chronicle usually a one.

Oppo PM-3 3

The remotes are a style-free area, yet what matters some-more is what’s going on in a core Oppo PM-3 hardware. Right nearby a tip of a list is glorious isolation.

They retard out as many sound as we could wish brief of upgrading to active sound termination headphones such as a Bose QC15. For open transport, they’re a dream, and good siege is also a partial of creation a PM-3 sound work in pristine unsentimental terms.

Oppo PM-3 5

Oppo PM-3 – Sound Quality

Unless we have really good isolation, headphones need to increase a lower-end a bit as this partial of a audio spectrum is a many apparently influenced by lots of ambient noise. The Oppo PM-3’s don’t need to do this.

Among style-influenced unstable headphones, a Oppo PM-3 sound is impossibly natural, creation even a Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 demeanour a bit like Beats by Dre wannabes. They don’t miss in bass, yet there’s not a spirit of grow to a reduce mids, a sound homogeneous of carrying a bit of winter weight around a tummy.

Oppo PM-3 11

Voices sound impossibly healthy since a mid-range is usually so well-rendered. Its multiple of extraordinary ‘structural’ firmness and fact creates a Oppo PM-3 really many three-dimensional, even yet a other characteristics don’t immediately make we conduct to such a description.

What do we mean? Well, a lot of headphones try to sound large and expanded by possibly aiming for a super-wide soundstage or by not creation a mid-range sound too forward, something that creates a sound seem to be ‘closer’ to your ears.

The Oppo PM-3 do not have a remarkably far-reaching soundstage, as you’d pattern of a sealed headphone, and a mids here are utterly forward. Here, a clarity of scale to a sound comes from carrying glorious conformity and sound ‘contours’ we can clearly compute between. This expected has a lot to do with a low-distortion properties of a planar captivating driver.

Oppo PM-3 9

This is something that becomes clearer as we live with a Oppo PM-3 because, distinct so many headphones, they do not rest on a three-way to yield that notice of detail. Treble is utterly restrained. There’s no pulling to exhibit sound in a really top registers, and a tinge is not utterly bright.

As a result, a Oppo PM-3 can seem a small ‘ordinary’ on initial listen. But on closer inspection, they are in fact really special.

What about bass? Its abyss is excellent, yet interjection to a good siege there’s no need for many of a drum boost to make a low finish apparent when a Oppo PM-3 have to contend with outward noise. It sounds offset and natural. If we wish really apparent drum thrills, demeanour elsewhere.

Oppo PM-3 15

Should we buy a Oppo PM-3?

When a Oppo PM-1 arrived we were a small sceptical. They were too costly for a immeasurable infancy of people during £1100, and placed a bit too many importance on how lush they were, including a box a things come in. Being used to high-end headphones such as a Grado GS1000, that come in no-fuss card boxes, we don’t like a thought of too many of a bill going on fluff.

However, a Oppo PM-3 cut all that out, and a sense we get is that a many larger commission of your money goes into a sound quality. And all yet trade divided comfort or a classy-looking design.

The Oppo PM-3 are some of a best unstable headphones ever made, charity comfort, sound peculiarity and siege that should make many other headphone makers intensely jealous. They strike a aim so dead-on we could roughly trust a essence or dual has been traded divided during a crossroads usually for their sake.

You can still get some-more expanded sound from a opposition open-back span such as a AKG Q701 if you’re going to be listening indoors in a still room. However, we can consider of few improved choices if siege is a must. Simply fantastic.

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The Oppo PM-3 are some of a best unstable headphones ever made.

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