Oppo UDP-203 Blu-ray

What is a Oppo UDP-203?

At £650, a UDP-203 is absolutely a Ultra HD Blu-ray world’s many costly actor to date. Frustratingly for your bank balance, it does a severely good pursuit of justifying that price. That’s interjection to a prolonged list of facilities and a exclusive new estimate engine that takes a 4K UHD Blu-ray format to new heights.

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Oppo UDP-203 – Design and Build

The UDP-203 is built like a self-evident territory out-house. That is indeed a unequivocally good thing.

Sure, it’s big. At W430 x D311 x H79mm, It’s bigger than any other UHD Blu-ray actor I’ve seen. And it’s complicated during 4.4kg. There’s also no regard for such imagination things such as dull edges or smoked-glass fascias. With a heavy-duty black steel finish, a demeanour could roughly be described as brutal.

But we adore it – in many a same proceed that I’ve always had a soothing mark for Chieftain tanks. The formidable black lead fascia is extended by a vast and high-quality LED that provides copiousness of useful information and looks good too.

The remote control granted with a UDP-203 is a bit practical and cluttered in coming and layout, nonetheless during slightest it’s gentle to hold. A neat touch: a suit sensor causes a buttons to irradiate as shortly as we collect adult a remote.

Oppo UDP-203 – Setup

Oppo is already good famous to AV enthusiasts for a much-loved BDP-103 and BDP-105 Blu-ray players – decks that offer an costly nonetheless formidable and feature-rich proceed to Blu-ray playback. So it’s no warn to find that a UDP-203 also goes serve than any other UHD BD rug to offer a arrange of facilities video enthusiasts and tradition installers wish to see.

Among a many useful collection during your ordering are a accumulation of colour space outlay options (including RGB PC, RGB Video, and YCbCr outlay during 4:4:4, 4:2:2 and 4:2:0), and a choice to select between 12-bit, 10-bit and even 8-bit colour depth. Oppo UDP-203

Such coherence is useful to tradition installers and users comparison in these early days of HDR, where harmony issues between displays, sources and even cables are not uncommon. The ability to manually select 10-bit outlay over 12-bit is quite acquire given a colour striping issues that a involuntary 12-bit outlay of Panasonic’s UB900 rug can means on some TVs.

Also acquire are a UDP-203’s HDR options. These embody an HDR Off environment that does a good pursuit of converting HDR to SDR for displays that can’t hoop HDR, and a Strip Metadata choice that simply removes a HDR metadata from a video equation entirely.

The latter is a useful choice for people who possess 4K-capable TV and projectors that aren’t unequivocally splendid adequate to do HDR justice, given it allows them to advantage from UHD BD’s 4K fortitude nonetheless carrying to worry about HDR in any way.

The Strip Metadata choice does leave images looking too dim and somewhat over-dominated by red. But it’s easier to regulate a brightness-challenged arrangement than it is to work around a elemental issues that can accompany both local HDR and HDR-to-SDR conversions.

Oppo UDP-203 – Features

The 203’s connectors join a build peculiarity in fast substantiating a reward credentials. The front row sports a singular USB port, while a back is dominated by phono audio-line jacks for outputting 7.1-channel decoded audio.

Alongside are 3.5mm trigger in and out ports; an RS-232 pier for integrating a UDP-203 into a home control setup; dual some-more 3.0 USBs; visual and coaxial digital audio outs; dual HDMI outputs (one for audio, one for video); a LAN, if we don’t wish to use a deck’s built-in Wi-Fi; and finally, an HDMI submit so we can loop outmost video sources by a UDP-203 to take advantage of a video estimate capabilities.

Oppo UDP-203

Unfortunately, during a time of writing, this HDMI submit isn’t many use. Partly since it’s now incompetent to pass HDR, nonetheless mostly since regulating it introduces estimable audio loiter with roughly each source run by it. The ensuing lip-sync issues were too serious to be bound by a audio check supposing within a UDP-203’s menus. This is something that can hopefully be bound with a firmware update.

The UDP-203’s star captivate is a new OP8591 chipset. This SoC has been designed in and with MediaTek (with whom Oppo collaborated on a rapturously perceived 103 and 105 Blu-ray decks) with a laser-like concentration on producing a best design peculiarity nonetheless seen from a 4K Blu-ray deck.

This isn’t a usually thing of interest about a OP8591 SoC, though. It’s also obliged for a scarcely wide-ranging apartment of design options lonesome in a Setup section, and it appears to be scarcely stretchable when it comes to delivering bug fixes and new facilities around firmware.

The rug has already perceived a series of post-launch rags and underline additions, and another poignant one is set to arrive during a finish of March, when Oppo is scheduled to supplement Dolby Vision HDR support to a UDP-203’s already prolonged underline list.

This refurbish will make a UDP-203 a world’s initial Dolby Vision-capable Ultra HD Blu-ray deck. Given what we’ve already witnessed with Dolby Vision streams from Netflix and Amazon, it isn’t startling that a UDP-203’s Dolby Vision capabilities are a vast understanding for many home-cinema enthusiasts. However a organisation recover date is nonetheless to be announced for any Dolby Vision-capable UHD Blu-ray titles.

The UDP-203’s audio talents take in all a common multi-channel film audio suspects, including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. The deck’s 32-bit, 8-channel DAC can parse multi-channel DSD64/128 and 192kHz/32-bit PCM high-resolution sound formats.

The UDP bit of a UDP-203’s name stands for Universal Disc Playback, referencing a fact that it can play Blu-rays, 3D Blu-rays, DVDs, SACDs, DVD-Audio discs and CDs, alongside a Ultra HD Blu-rays you’ll have bought it for.

Oppo UDP-203

The rug is also able of being a multimedia hub. During my tests FLAC, WAV, MKV, MP4, MP3, AVCHD and JPEG record forms were all rubbed around USB or DLNA network streaming. The usually niggle is that we couldn’t find a DLNA server with that a UDP-203 defended a scold manuscript lane sequence when streaming song around DLNA. If any UDP-203 owners have found a solution, feel giveaway to share it in a Comments section.

The UDP-203 is blank a integrate of facilities of a endless list. First, there’s no intelligent app support – not even Netflix or Amazon. we theory Oppo can disagree that many TVs now lift all a pivotal streaming services, nonetheless we would have favourite a ability to pull these streaming services by a UDP-203’s video estimate systems.

The second is a complement for converting DTS audio marks to Dolby Digital. This has turn useful in light of a rather weird proceed a new era of Dolby Atmos-capable soundbars usually play DTS multi-channel soundtracks – found on around 70% of Blu-ray discs – in stereo.

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