Optoma GT1080 Projector Review

What is a Optoma GT1080?

The GT1080 is a rarely affordable single-chip DLP projector designed radically for gaming. Its high claimed liughtness and built-in audio complement make it easy to set adult and use – we don’t need a dedicated home cinema ‘cave’ – and a living-room friendship is underlined by a fact that it’s got an unusually short-throw lens. That means it can deliver, for instance, a 100-inch design when it’s positioned usually one metre from your shade or wall.

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Optoma GT1080 – Design and Features

The GT1080 is surprisingly appealing for such a inexpensive projector. Its white finish looks frail and right during home in even a chicest of vital rooms, while a footprint is petite adequate to fit on even a smallest of coffee tables. Its kindly winding top, lifted lens tub and dull corners serve allege a design’s domestication, with a usually teenager exasperation being a approach a grilles to any side let out some light.
Optoma GT1080
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Video connectors are limited, with usually dual HDMIs to support for your film and gaming needs. It’s a bit startling that such a intensity ‘games machine’ doesn’t embody a VGA port, yet we theory many complicated gaming laptops are versed with digital video outputs these days. And apparently HDMI works excellent for a stream consoles.

There are a integrate of pleasing surprises, though: first, there’s a 12V trigger pier we could use to glow adult a motorised screen. Second, there’s a pier for adding a 3D transmitter, given notwithstanding a affordability a GT1080 can hoop 3D – yet greatfully note that conjunction this 3D conductor nor any 3D eyeglasses are enclosed with a projector. The conductor and a singular span of eyeglasses will costs we £90 extra.

One final tie indicate value mentioning is a ability of one of a HDMIs to hoop a MHL mobile phone couple format.

As remarkable in a introduction, a GT1080’s optics are formed on a single-chip DLP system, regulating a Full HD DarkChip 3 chipset from Texas Instruments. The projector claims a high extent light outlay of 2800 Lumens, while claimed contrariety is also earnest for such a inexpensive projector during 25,000:1. Though, of course, both these total should be taken with a large splash of salt given that conjunction will get tighten to being achieved during real-world observation conditions.

One other pivotal underline of a GT1080’s visual complement is a use of a short-throw lens able of delivering a 100-inch design from a throw-distance of usually one metre. This is potentially a large assistance to people perplexing to accommodate a projector in a normal vital environment, as it minimizes a space we need to leave between a projector and a shade – as good as creation it easier to keep a projector’s fans and feverishness divided from seating positions.

As common with Optoma projectors, a GT1080 is many improved versed with picture-calibration facilities than we competence design for a price. You can conduct a 3 primary and 3 delegate colours, for instance, as good as selecting from a array of willingly themed gamma settings – film, video, graphics and standard. There’s also a Dynamic Black complement that adjusts a picture’s liughtness automatically in response to a design content, while Texas Instruments’ BrilliantColour record is on palm to boost colour saturations.

Finally we get a preference of colour heat presets, as good as a array of design presets to fit opposite forms of content.

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Optoma GT1080
It’s value noting, given a GT1080’s many approaching aim audience, that a Gaming preset optimises a projector for low response time and high detail.

One final underline to discuss is that a GT1080’s built-in audio delivers a claimed 10W of energy – yet there’s usually one speaker, so don’t design any stereo action. In what we consider is a initial for a projector, a GT1080 lets we use a projector’s orator even when you’ve incited a optics off, branch it into a intensity orator for, say, a DAB radio feed from a connected Sky box. Strangely, though, if we opt to leave a projector in a audio playback mode a fans still run a small even if no audio submit is incoming. So we could finish adult blazing some nonessential energy if we forget to spin a audio underline off when you’ve finished examination a film or personification a game.

Personally we consider this underline should be accompanied by a sign summary when you’re in a routine of switching a projector into standby.

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Optoma GT1080 – Setup

Physical setup options with a GT1080 are rather limited. The categorical startle is that there’s no visual wizz facility; a wizz is fixed. So we have to pierce a projector brazen and back to get a design stretch we wish – nonetheless this is distant reduction of an emanate on a projector with a short-throw lens than it would routinely be.

Obviously a short-throw inlet of a lens means we contingency indeed wish such a underline for your room. If you’re wanting a projector to go on a shelf behind your seating position, for instance, or on a hard-to-move coffee list sat during some stretch from your shade or wall, afterwards a GT1080 isn’t going to be really helpful.

As good as providing no zoom, a GT1080 provides conjunction true nor plane visual shifting. So you’ll roughly positively find that removing a images in a right place on your shade will need a multiple of a screw-down legs on a projector’s underside and a supposing digital keystone complement for removing a edges of your images straight. This is a pity, given digital keystone systems radically digitally crush a picture, denying we a pixel-for-pixel pointing we could differently suffer when mapping Full HD sources to a Full HD arrangement device.

While a GT1080 is rather light on earthy setup aids, though, it’s indeed improved than approaching when it comes to calibration aids, as remarkable earlier.

Our categorical setup tips – over really regulating a Gaming preset for gaming! – are that we set a energetic contrariety underline on, and leave Brilliant Colour set to no aloft than dual or 3 to extent sound and keep tones looking offset and natural. Also, revoke a liughtness to a -2 turn for film observation (based on a Film preset), and tinge down a yellow superfluity a small when regulating all yet a many clear presets.

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