Optoma HD50 Projector Review

What is a Optoma HD50?

The HD50 is a latest in a remarkably prolonged line of staggeringly affordable DLP projectors, delivering cinema privately honed for home cinema adult to 300in in distance for only £999.

Optoma HD50: Design and Features

The HD50 positively has a possess demeanour going on. It’s both narrower and aloft than standard home cinema projectors, giving it a rather corpulent demeanour that’s not generally elegant, law be told. Still, there is a good reason for a surprising height, as it’s enabled Optoma to fit on a front a startlingly, promisingly vast lens.

There’s a concentration ring extending somewhat from a HD50’s front edge, while a wizz circle is accessed by a window on a projector’s tip edge.

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Optoma HD50

Also projecting out of a behind side of this window is a tiny plane circle which, we’re gratified to report, provides a grade of visual shift. The volume of visual change accessible is limited, yet anticipating any during all during a HD50’s cost indicate is a bonus.

Connections on a HD50’s behind parasite all a boxes we could design for £999. Highlights are dual HDMIs, an RS-232 pier for complement integration, and a 12V trigger outlay we could use to automatically glow adult a motorized screen. There’s also a jack for a 3D transmitter, yet conjunction this conductor nor any of Optoma’s RF, active shiver 3D eyeglasses are enclosed in a £999 price.

The HD50 is impressively desirous with a design specification. At a heart is a full HD single-chip DLP visual system, with a fast-spinning colour circle designed to keep a lid on a rainbow outcome colour striping materialisation that can impact singular chip DLP projectors. The images this complement produces have been privately tuned for home cinema as against to business presentations use, with both Cinema and Reference design presets on palm to remind we of this fact.

If you’re not happy with a presets, a HD50 is congested full of collection for excellent tuning things, including colour and white change government systems. Particularly surprising is a border of design estimate Optoma has squeezed into a sub-£1000 projector. For starters there’s a Dynamic Black complement that ceaselessly – and we meant literally support by support – adjusts a flare outlay to optimise a projector’s contrariety potential.

As a outcome of this record a HD50 claims a startlingly high contrariety ratio of 50,000:1 (usually we’d see something nearer to 10,000:1 for this cost point) that sits handily alongside a high liughtness outlay of 2,200 ANSI Lumens.

Getting behind to a picture processing, Optoma has quietly built some support interpolation suit estimate into a HD50 notwithstanding a bent for such estimate to demeanour disorderly in a bill arena, while maybe a many intriguing picture complement is something called UltraDetail, that Optoma’s PR calm claims ‘ensures all a information contained in an picture is steadily reproduced on a shade giving a overwhelming transparent clear, pin-sharp picture’. The disbeliever in us is tempted to see this as a imagination approach of describing a elementary sharpness booster, yet Optoma seems unequivocally penetrating to advise it’s some-more than that, so we’ll be haven visualisation for now.

Optoma HD50: Set Up

The HD50’s visual 1.5x wizz and straight picture changeable collection are really acquire commentary on a bill projector, creation it comparatively easy to get your picture positioned rightly on a screen.

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Optoma HD50
It’s also considerable to see Optoma going to a lengths it has to support a pro-level of picture calibration. This is really not a projector calm to extent a ambitions to a ‘casual use’ environment. This opinion is exemplified by a sustenance of apart Cinema and Reference presets – yet indeed we’d disagree that conjunction of these presets is 100% successful, as they both destroy to take comment of a pros and cons of a HD50’s possess specific visual system.

We found all a presets too aggressive, in their use both of a Brilliant Colour complement and a apart Pure Colour estimate system, to broach a arrange of accurate looking images Optoma appears penetrating to essay for.

As for a Pure Motion estimate system, even yet it’s indeed suddenly good during shortening judder but causing neglected side effects, we still abandoned it for film observation as a HD50’s local suit doing is good adequate to not to need any help.

Finally, to a warn we found we favourite to leave a UltraDetail underline on. In fact, it’s arguably a closest a HD50 gets to a ‘killer feature’.

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