Panasonic 65CX800 TV Review

Panasonic 65CX800 – First Impressions from CES 2015

While Panasonic’s overwhelming antecedent OLED TV competence have stolen a CES 2015 uncover with a gobsmacking design quality, Panasonic also had some engaging stories to tell with a some-more affordable and countless 2015 LCD TVs.
Tilting a eyes towards a tip of Panasonic’s new LCD tree, where we naturally find a fullest countenance of a brand’s 2015 intentions, we find a 65-inch 65CX800. This is, of course, a 4K TV, and we competence as good contend right divided that thankfully Panasonic assures us it will support Netflix UHD and Amazon Prime UHD right out of a box. This is a good service after Panasonic’s Netflix UHD issues in 2014.

Design correct a 65CX800 strikes us as a step adult from final year’s models, favoring a lighter, brighter demeanour that shouldn’t feel like such an rude participation in your vital room.

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Panasonic 65CX800

The set will advantage from a new Firefox OS-based My Home Screen 2.0 Smart TV interface and a Quad Core Pro estimate engine.

Where a 65CX800 unequivocally gets interesting, though, is with a core row technology. For starters we’re clever gratified to find it regulating a VA-type row rather than one of a low-contrast IPS panels that let a satisfactory array of Panasonic’s 2014 TVs down. More poignant still is a use of High Colour Gamut record – a multiple of new higher-purity colour filters and a some-more fit backlight that Panasonic claims helps a CX800 operation broach adult to 98% of a Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) colour gamut.

Brightness is as large a bridgehead for 2015 as colour, and here too a 65CX800 is on fighting form. Partnering that some-more fit backlight with a internal dimming complement and a new high-transmittance row has led to a claimed 30-35% boost in liughtness over final year’s Panasonic TVs.

Of course, all this additional colour potential and liughtness could do zero yet emanate a disaster if they’re not harnessed properly. But a 65CX800 comes sporting Panasonic’s considerable Studio Master Drive system, that formed on a knowledge final year combines modernized colour and black gamut doing to broach an design packaged with shade fact and colour finesse.

Panasonic 65CX800

From what we got to see of a 65CX800 during CES, Panasonic’s new high-end set does an glorious pursuit of balancing a new charge and impetus with a subtler final of home cinema fans. We were quite gratified to see that a shade during CES still showed what seemed to be clever black levels – yet these are always tough to decider precisely underneath a oppressive lights of a uncover building – notwithstanding a additional brightness, and it was also good to see glorious colour refinement and clearly no white writing in a richest, brightest tools of a picture.

Intriguingly Panasonic was using a convincing-looking HDR (high energetic range) proof in a blacked-out partial of a CES booth, and Panasonic’s new colour and liughtness technologies would seem good matched to a needs of HDR. But we couldn’t get acknowledgment during a uncover that a CX800 array would be HDR compatible, creation us think it substantially won’t be.

Overall, a initial impressions of a 65CX800 advise that so prolonged as it doesn’t let a new liughtness and colour brilliance run divided with it, it could repair during a initial time of seeking all a niggles we had with final year’s nonetheless considerable and good-value AX802 series. We’ll be bringing we a full examination as shortly as we can.

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