Panasonic CM1 Phone Review

What is a Panasonic CM1?

The Panasonic CM1 is a camera that happens to do all an Android phone can do. Yes, including phoning your silent and promulgation YouTube cat video links over Whatsapp. Panasonic calls it a Communication Camera, nonetheless feel giveaway to cruise of it as an Android phone with photos that kick those of each other phone to date.

It would be easy to make comparisons with Samsung’s phone-camera experiments like a Galaxy K Zoom and Galaxy Camera 2, nonetheless a Panasonic CM1 is different. Here, there’s no visual zoom, that some cruise is a categorical disproportion between phone cameras and dedicated cameras.

What’s indeed some-more critical is sensor size. The Panasonic CM1 has a 1-inch 20-megapixel sensor some-more than 4 times a distance of a sensor in a Samsung Galaxy S5.

So while a £799 cost creates a phone seem ridiculous, we need to cruise that Panasonic’s possess 1-inch sensor Panasonic LX100 camera costs £700 itself. And you’re not going to be pity many cat videos with that.

The Panasonic CM1 is not going to work a approach out of a small niche, generally with no skeleton for mainstream subsidised placement in a works. But we like what it’s doing.

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Panasonic CM1 19

Panasonic CM1 – Design and Handling

Like other heavily camera-centric mobile phones, a Panasonic CM1 is not remotely skinny or light. It’s 15.2mm thick, lush out to 21.1mm by a camera lens. We call 10mm thick phones corpulent these days, so don’t design something that will slinkily trip into your pocket.

It distance is closer to a visual wizz cameras we’ve seen over a final integrate of years, a final being a Galaxy K Zoom, that is indeed a small slimmer notwithstanding regulating a wizz lens. The Panasonic CM1 does demeanour smart, though, if we can get on with a hybrid style.

Like Panasonic’s LX and TZ array compacts, it has a perfect two-tone silver-black finish. From a front it could almost pass for a ‘normal’ camera.

Panasonic CM1
If you’re meditative of jumping boat from an iPhone, though, we do need to cruise a perfect girth. Panasonic has realistically used a somewhat smaller-than-average 4.7-inch shade to keep a measure sensible, nonetheless during 204g it’s 40 per cent heavier than a Samsung Galaxy S5.

Given a lofty price, a Panasonic CM1 doesn’t feel all that costly in places either. Its front has a textured leather-effect cosmetic finish, nonetheless this feels a small inexpensive as it’s not rubberised or softened. It’s apparently cosmetic when we get your fingers on it.

When sharpened during least, we’d have elite to see an area of rubbery hold on a front, nonetheless naturally this competence feel a small peculiar when a Panasonic CM1 is used as a phone. There are no easy solutions here, nonetheless we’re not certain a tough cosmetic finish was wholly a right choice.

Panasonic’s relations unawareness in a margin shows in some areas, too – Panasonic designed a array of Eluga phones behind in 2012, nonetheless they were never indeed expelled in a US or UK. The CM1 has a tray for a Nano SIM container and a tip that goes over a Micro USB socket. We found both flattering awkward, and even finished adult deleterious a SIM tray only perplexing to put a SIM in. A word of warning: be careful.

It’s not looking so prohibited for a Panasonic CM1 so far. The finish is a shade inexpensive and a phone – sorry, Communication Camera – predictably is distant chunkier than some-more normal Android phones. However, there’s a lot to like in a hardware, too.

Our favourite part, and something that feels roughly as critical as a vast sensor, is a strong control ring that sits around a lens’s perimeter. This, in tandem with a plain two-stage earthy shiver button, give a normal camera-like feel that only isn’t found in any other phone.
Panasonic CM1 11
A correct primer control dial also proves this is a many critical phone-camera hybrid yet. The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom and Nokia Lumia 1020 offer some primer control, nonetheless it’s all found within touchscreen menus, adding another covering between we and your photos. Here, with one palm on a control circle and another on a shiver button, we get a genuine camera experience. It’s some-more than only indicate ’n’ shoot.  

There’s also a crack switch on a side – or a tip image if we’re looking during a CM1 as a camera – that takes we now to a camera app. Plenty of phones offer discerning ways to get to a camera, nonetheless with a Panasonic CM1 there’s a appreciative tactility to it.

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