Panasonic DMP-UB300 Blu-ray

What is a Panasonic DMP-UB300?

Want to feed your new UHD TV a best probable picture, though don’t wish to dash out on a flagship 4K Blu-ray player? Panasonic understands your angst, and has combined an entry-level front spinner to a UHD range.

The DMP-UB300 is indeed one of 3 new 4K players from Panasonic, bringing a brand’s sum swift to five. The DMP-UB300 differs from a new lookalike stablemate, a DMP-UB400, in HDMI sustenance and audio processing. The step-up rug has twin HDMI outputs and offers imagination audio processing. There’s also a tradesman specific model, a DMP-UB390, charity a same spec of a UB400 though lacking Wi-Fi.

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Panasonic UB300 Front

Panasonic DMP-UB300 – Design and Build

To be fair, this actor looks like a bill Blu-ray actor should. It’s compress during usually 320mm wide, and lightweight. There’s no display, usually a red energy LED to weigh that it’s awake.

Build peculiarity is co-ordinate with a price. There are no soft-touch controls; instead, a rug has small plasticky buttons for Eject and Power. The front tray is equivalent to a left and there’s an unbunged USB pier on a fascia.

Rear connectors are singular to a singular HDMI output, USB 3.0 pier and Ethernet. If we wish an analogue audio outlay afterwards you’ll need to demeanour elsewhere. There’s no Wi-Fi, either.

When not being asked to play region-free 4K discs, a rug is sealed to DVD segment 2/Blu-ray segment B.

Panasonic UB300 Rear Panel

Panasonic DMP-UB300 – Features

While a build might be basic, it’s a conflicting underneath a hood. The UB300 employs a same 4K High Precision Chroma processor as a award-winning DMP-UB900 and DMP-UB700. Not usually is a video engine high-spec, Panasonic has also stretched a outlay options and combined some cold new functionality.

All Panasonic UHD players introduce local 4K Blu-ray 4:2:0 chroma subsampling to 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 during 12-bit. But for improved harmony with a occasional TV that exhibits colour banding during a default setting, there’s a new 10-bit priority mode. The TV will automatically change from 12-bit to 10-bit mode formed on a EDID perceived from a TV.

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Panasonic UB300 Remote

The rug facilities a same user interface as final season’s DMP-UB700 and UB900 players: a capricious black backdrop charity calm entrance (Video, Music and Photos), along with Home Network, Network Services and Setup buttons.

High Dynamic Range support is singular to HDR10, and there’s no sustenance for Dolby Vision HDR.

What is new on a UB300 (and a UB400 stablemate, for that matter) is an tractable HDR liughtness setting. Intriguingly, there’s also an HLG to PQ HDR acclimatisation mode. Not that we design a rush toward HLG HDR on front anytime soon.

The UB300 is also a unequivocally skilful media player. It will hoop DSD 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz High Res Audio files, as good as 24-bit/192kHz FLAC and vanilla-flavoured MP3, AAC and WMA. MKV, MPEG and MOV video files play from USB or a NAS.

Panasonic UB300 Blu-Ray Player Fascia

Once networked regulating Ethernet, we can also take advantage of Panasonic’s streaming use portal. There aren’t a outrageous series of OTT services on tap, though it does have Netflix and Amazon Video, both able of 4K HDR streaming if your broadband is quick enough, and YouTube and BBC iPlayer. There are also some European news and sports channels.

The front ride might be budget, though loading speeds are good enough. You can design cinema to go from tray to shade in around 44 seconds.

Panasonic DMP-U300 – Performance

Panasonic UB300 Blu-Ray actor Brightness Adjustment

There’s zero cut-price about a UB300’s design performance. In fact, it’s brilliant. A 4K exam settlement was resolved with comprehensive clarity, a design frail and faithful, with no toll or manifest artefacts. I’d have no qualms about partnering this actor with an intensely high-end TV.

The tractable HDR liughtness control on a UB300 sets out to residence a common censure that HDR cinema can simply demeanour too dim when noticed in bedrooms with high levels of ambient light.

It allows a normal design liughtness to be increasing though spoiling HDR impetus (something that happens with a customary liughtness control). Viewing modes contain Standard, Natural Environment, Light Environment and Bright environment.

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Panasonic UB300 HDR Brightness Standard

So how good does it work? With Standard, a table flare in Peter Parker’s room (The Amazing Spider-Man 2, UHD Blu-ray) glows realistically, partially educational Aunt May as she talks to Peter from a doorway. Select Natural Environment and there’s a liughtness lift opposite a whole frame, though it doesn’t change a elemental change of a image.

However, Light and Bright Environment settings means Parker’s flare tuber to gradually rinse out. Similarly, a neon-lit New York bleaches splendid fact when noticed on a top Bright Environment setting. Clearly, this new HDR mode should be used with caution, though used carefully it could be a bonus when examination HDR during illumination hours.

Panasonic UB300 User Interface

If we have a 4K TV though HDR, afterwards a actor offers Dynamic Range Conversion. You can manually map calm to make a many of your panel’s fundamental brightness, around a /- 12 sign slider. This is best used judiciously; 3 was a many we could get divided with personification Mad Max Fury Road before formulating neglected colour artefacts.

While not an audiophile solution, a UB300 doesn’t flaw itself when connected to an upmarket AV receiver. The UB300 delivers Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio codecs, and there’s a low time jitter processor to maximize fealty over HDMI. High Res Audio files, even when played by reward amplification, sound excellent.

Operating sound is average. A cooling fan runs during a low croon and a front tray doesn’t rattle. You’re not going to notice a UB300 underneath a TV.

Panasonic UB300 Blu-Ray Player

Should we buy a Panasonic DMP-UB300?

If UHD Blu-ray is going to find traction over early adopters and flagship financers, it needs a decent bill charity – and Panasonic has nailed it. The miss of Wi-Fi is arguably a usually genuine adhering indicate for this inexpensive player. we conclude a debasement of a low-cost Bakelite framework (no really, we do), and AV opening is glorious for a class.

This rug looks superb with both UHD discs and unchanging HD Blu-rays, and it’s a plain media actor too.

Of course, during £250 it’s still too costly (especially when we cause in a Xbox One S), though that cost tab should be taken with a splash of salt. It’s going to drop. Indeed, we design to see this rug bundled and promoted with UHD screens earlier rather than later.


Panasonic’s DMP-UB300 Blu-ray actor is an glorious bill option, though a miss of Wi-Fi disappoints.

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