Panasonic DMP-UB400 Blu-ray

What is a Panasonic DMP-UB400?

Of all a wiring giants, Panasonic is by distant a many committed to 4K UHD Blu-ray. It was a initial to put out a 4K Blu-ray player, a £600 Panasonic DMP-UB900, that has been one to kick given 2016.

The association afterwards launched a £400 DMP-UB700 as a youth alternative. The build was reduction adorned and a analogue connectors were axed, along with a imagination sound-improving damping feet.

Next came a entry-level DMP-UB300, a £250 section directed precisely during a non-gamers who competence cruise shopping an Xbox One S utterly for a cut-price 4K front spinner. This is a no-frills choice that does divided with as many facilities as possible, including Wi-Fi.

So where does that leave a Panasonic DM-UB400? It’s positioned as a bill 4K Blu-ray actor that’s a integrate of notches above a unclothed minimum. At £300, it fulfils that purpose nicely.

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Panasonic DMP-UB400 7

Panasonic DMP-UB400 – Design and Features

For £300 you’d design a flattering decent unit, and a Panasonic DMP-UB400 positively doesn’t disappoint. Although a construction is nude behind compared to a bigger siblings, there’s zero inexpensive about it.

The surrounding is finished of metal. The UB400 loses a silken cosmetic (faux glass) tip and side panels of a UB900 and UB700, yet retains a mirrored front strap – that is all you’d see from a lounge anyway.

Behind a strap is a front tray and a singular USB port. Panasonic has finished divided with a SD label slot. The arrangement has also been private – that is a shame, given it’s always good to know at-a-glance what a actor is doing, or how most time there is left on a film. Instead we have a singular red LED, that blinks solemnly on starting adult and stays on until we energy down. Not ideal, yet I’ve turn used to it.

Panasonic DMP-UB400

What we do like are a earthy energy and eject buttons. They’re reduction imagination than a touch-sensitive ones that underline on a models aloft adult a range, yet they’re some-more manageable – not to discuss easier to find when a lights are down.

At a back, there are no analogue audio inputs yet we do get a digital visual output. There are also twin HDMI sockets, a accessible underline left over from a UB900 and UB700, yet blank from a UB300. It’s for bursting your video and audio signals.

There’s another USB port, high powered for tough drives, and an ethernet socket. There’s also Wi-Fi built in (missing from a UB300), yet we cite to use ethernet for streaming stability. Streaming apps embody Netflix, Amazon, BBC iPlayer and YouTube.

Panasonic DMP-UB400 9

On a inside, a UB400 facilities a same 4K High Precision Chroma processor used by a UB900. The design should, in theory, demeanour usually as good as that high-end machine.

As for a remote, we don’t get a large, backlit device that shipped with a UB900, yet we do get a dedicated HDR Setting button.

That’s a accessible by-pass to a UB400’s all-new feature: HDR presets. The thought is that we can quick tweak your player’s HDR outlay to fit brighter ambient light, yet messing adult your delicately comparison settings on your TV.

AV purists are expected to rebuff such a feature, yet it’s effective and distant some-more pointed than pulling your TV to Dynamic mode (never pull your TV to Dynamic mode). The HDR Setting symbol does come with a warning that a customary outlay is a dictated setting, and that we should ensue with caution.

Of a HDR presets, we felt Natural Environment worked nicely, while Light Environment should usually be used in a splendid room – and even then, we felt some of a lighter areas were a tiny cleared out. There’s a apart Dynamic Range Adjustment menu, in box we wish to get a tiny some-more in-depth and overrule a presets – we generally avoided going aloft than a +4 setting.

Last yet not least, a Panasonic DMP-UB400 supports 3D playback. If 3D is critical to we and you’re shopping a new TV, note that usually one 2017 indication – a Panasonic EX750 – is able of displaying 3D.

Panasonic DMP-UB400 13

Panasonic DMP-UB400 – Performance

The initial thing we beheld when booting adult a UB400 is how quick it is. we totalled how prolonged it took to go from a powered-off state to being on with a front tray entirely open, and compared it to a UB700. The UB700 took 16 seconds, some of that is spent observant ‘Hello’ on a display, while a UB400 took usually 3 seconds.

The UB400 is also still in operation. The loudest it got was when it was sat watchful in a front menu, when we available about 34dB – roughly what you’d get in a still library. In full playback mode, a appurtenance was noticeably quieter during about 30dB. Alongside a sound on your speakers, you’ll onslaught to hear it.

As for video performance? Well, there’s unequivocally zero cut-price about a UB400’s picture. It’s some-more than able of displaying all we wish from a 4K Blu-ray. It delivers an violent volume of glorious detail, total with clever contrariety and a far-reaching progression of abounding colour. Better still, it does all this with some-more refinement and tinge fealty than a other bill 4K Blu-ray player, a Xbox One S.

Panasonic DMP-UB400 5

Panasonic says a design opening should be a same as that delivered by a high-end UB900 and a UB700, given they all use a same chipset and processing. Look during exam patterns alone and I’d be prone to agree. But spinning some tangible 4K Blu-rays shows some variation.

Compared to a UB700, we felt a UB400 wasn’t as nuanced with a glorious detail, and it wasn’t as energetic either. Scenes that brew a lot of light and dim elements didn’t utterly have that impact on a UB400.

It’s a identical story with audio: a UB400 does a good job, yet it isn’t as proficient as a pricier siblings. What we get is transparent and detailed, with Panasonic’s typically abounding delivery. Effects chain is accurate and panning is agile. The UB700 sound hits harder, however. Music and effects have some-more energy to them and voices seem some-more expressive.

These are tiny differences, though. Overall, this is still an glorious 4K Blu-ray player.

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Should we buy a Panasonic DMP-UB400?

The Panasonic DMP-UB400 is something of a honeyed mark for 4K Blu-ray players. It isn’t as good as a reward siblings, yet a disproportion in opening isn’t outrageous and a UB400 advantages from a reduce RRP.

If you’re a gamer, we competence wish to hang with a Xbox One S as a careful option. But if we haven’t an seductiveness in personification games, and simply wish a bill 4K Blu-ray player, afterwards this is a one for you.

The usually problem for a UB400 is that Panasonic’s other models have been on a marketplace for longer and therefore benefited from cost cuts. It didn’t take me prolonged to find a understanding for a higher UB700, that puts it during a same cost as a UB400 – £300. Then again, we don’t consider it will take really prolonged for a UB400 to turn cheaper as well.


An glorious bill 4K Blu-ray actor – it won’t disappoint.

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