Panasonic HC-V550 Camcorder Review

What is a Panasonic HC-V550?

The HC-V550 is Panasonic’s latest mid-range camcorder, and is a refurbish to a Panasonic HC-V520 from roughly accurately a year ago. The elementary preference hasn’t altered much. Like a predecessor, a HC-V550 is formed around a rather customary 1/5.8-inch back-side bright CMOS with 2.51Mpixels, nonetheless usually 2.2Mpixels are used when sharpened video. But there are a few underline tweaks and improvements that make it a inestimable deputy – and one poignant bundled appendage in a figure of a pan-tilt-zoom cradle.

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Panasonic HC-V550

Panasonic HC-V550: Specs and Features

Video is accessible in what is apropos Panasonic’s customary array of fortitude options, with both AVCHD 2.0 and customary MP4 formats available. Unlike a Panasonic HC-W850, there is no 50Mbits/sec MP4 option, so 28Mbits/sec is a tip information rate during Full HD fortitude and 50 frames /sec, in both formats. In MP4 mode, there are also 720p and 960 x 540 iFrame options. Still picture resolutions max out during 4,224 x 2,376, that clearly involves utterly a lot of interpolation.

The HC-V550 has a decidedly healthy 62x visual zoom, that drops to 61x with a Level Shot Function enabled and 59x with Active Mode OIS. But Panasonic pushes this even serve around a Intelligent Zoom option, to a towering 90x, 10x some-more than a HC-V520. Normally, this kind of wizz manages to equivocate detriment of fortitude by carrying some-more sensor pixels than compulsory for a video resolution, and gathering into a frame, rather than a normal digital wizz that merely magnifies fact that wasn’t there in a initial place.

But a HC-V550 has reduction than 10 per cent over-abundance pixels, so a iZoom will remove some resolution. In a testing, a 90x wizz is still viable, yet it’s not as transparent as a loyal visual zoom. Turn on a digital zoom, though, and a HC-V550 promises a absurd 3000x factor, that we will never be means to use, as it turns a theme matter into an epitome painting.

Although this is a tiny camcorder, Panasonic justifies a cost with a reward visual picture stabilisation, that also advantages from an Active mode where a hybrid complement uses additional sensor pixels to yield some-more absolute stabilisation. You can close a OIS too, and a Level Shot underline corrects for amiable sloping when sharpened palm held. In a testing, a OIS valid intensely effective.

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Panasonic HC-V550

Panasonic HC-V550: Controls

As we have come to design from roughly all of Panasonic’s camcorders, there is a extensive operation of primer settings available, nonetheless these can usually be tranquil around a hold screen. So we won’t wish to use them as straightforwardly as with a HC-W850. The Intelligent Auto mode is designed to do all for you, intuiting conditions and selecting an suitable stage mode.

But we can also switch to IA , that reveals a elementary liughtness control, as good as colour pattern between red and blue. Then there are a 11 stage modes, that cover a common options such as sports and portrait. There is a tiny preference of modernized artistic effects available, including a mistake tilt-shift tiny mode, 8mm movie, a wordless film choice finish with feign scratches, and time lapse.

Full primer mode, however, provides a finish array of settings. You
can concentration manually, yet also configure shiver from 1/50th to 1/8,000th,
orifice from F16 to F1.8, and afterwards supplement on adult to 18dB of benefit on tip of
a entirely open iris. You can also select between sunny, cloudy, and two
indoor white change presets, as good as primer configuration.

thing this camcorder doesn’t have is a delayed suit capability, that is
accessible on a HC-W850. In a place there’s a Loop mode, that will
come in accessible if we wish to use your camcorder to keep permanent track
of your driving, for example.

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