Panasonic HC-X1000 Camcorder Review

What is a Panasonic HC-X1000?

The Panasonic HC-X1000 is
Panasonic’s initial 4K charity in a prosumer camcorder market. With
built-in ND filters, a 20x visual wizz and a horde of unequivocally considerable 4K
support rates and codecs, a HX-1000 is good labelled during £2,559, some-more than
£1,000 reduction than a Sony AX1.

With a 4K 8-MP 1/2.3-inch BSI
sensor, this camcorder is a from a time before a 5D Mk II done abyss of
margin a norm, yet with 50p and 60p during UHD (3,840 x 2,160) does Panasonic
have something else to offer a some-more normal finish of a market?

Panasonic HC-X1000 5

Panasonic HC-X1000: Specs and Features

initial doubt we have to ask is who is this for? There is no doubt
that 60fps during UHD is a title grabbing statistic that many
videographers would drool over. With, MP4, AVCHD and MOV codecs this
camera positively is versatile, yet it also has some transparent limitations
that we need to know before determining possibly to buy it.

Due no doubt to a rather tiny sensor, we found a HC-X1000 is tough pushed to get past nine
stops of energetic operation and notwithstanding a MP4 codec holding adult to 200Mbps,
the picture has small to no room for strategy in post production.

confirms to us that a HC-X1000 was never dictated to be used by
indie filmmakers, a fact Panasonic done transparent in pitching a camera to
us. It feels a HC-X1000 is best matched to blurb contexts, such as
sharpened weddings and events. So a genuine doubt is possibly you
should switch to 4K for this kind of work and possibly this is a camera
for a job.

Panasonic HC-X1000 4

It’s positively doesn’t miss in facilities for the
task. As an ENG character camera a HC-X1000 comes with all a standard
buttons and switches we would design from this normal camera form.
White change has an A and B preset, set to 3200k and 5600k, for
tungsten and daylight, permitting for discerning switching in quick changing
environments. An automobile and tradition mode are also available.

lens is by distant and divided a superb feature. The 20x visual wizz is
some-more than adequate for any standard videography unfolding and a autofocus
is also serviceable — during no indicate did it shelve to somewhere unattractive or
ruin a shot, yet with small abyss of margin maybe this is understandable.

picture stabilisation is a 5-Axis hybrid system, regulating both program and
optical stabilisation and a regulation are fantastic. We managed to use
the telephoto finish of a lens handheld with remarkably small shake.
Image stabilisation might sound concerning for purists, yet for anyone who
is mostly off a tripod it will be an essential feature.

Panasonic HC-X1000 6

camera ships with twin 64GB SD cards, that saves a good volume of money
on squeeze (around £150/£200). The idea of never blank a shot is
something Panasonic is penetrating on pulling with a twin SD label slots and
the continual recording mode, that allows for one label to be
constantly recording while a other shoots what we tell it to with the
REC button.

Another choice is to fire one after a other,
meaning that we never have to leave a camera and can constraint action
continuously. This isn’t a ground-breaking feature, yet on a camera at
the cheaper finish of a marketplace it’s a profitable underline and will suit
those sharpened sports and events coverage.

Histograms, zebras,
focus peaking and concentration enhance are all good facilities that make this
camera unequivocally serviceable on a day-to-day basis. Everything is easily
accessible in a buttons and menu complement and follows a regulation that has
been set out in normal digital video camera for years. Again, not ground-breaking, yet essential when it comes to being means to trust what we are looking during on a daily basis.

battery life is a unequivocally important 6 hours when sharpened continuously
in 4K. This is essential when sharpened a full day of interviews and
reduces a risk of carrying to change battery midst interview, or blank a
shot since of something as elemental as battery. One gangling battery
would be sufficient for a day of heated sharpened and that is refreshing
to see. The 64GB SD cards that are supposing will take 5 hours and 20
minutes of continual 4K recording during 200Mbps and if we are shooting
back-to-back on a cards that means over 10 hours of record time.

built-in stereo microphone is sufficient and has a reasonable volume of
detail, adequate for room microphone, reserve or blemish track.

Panasonic HC-X1000 7

Panasonic HC-X1000: Design, Controls and Usability

vital underline that will put off a ‘pro’ finish of a marketplace is the
camera doesn’t seem to have a entirely primer bearing mode – despite
turning all earthy controls to manual, a camera still adjusted
exposure automatically. This means possibly an roughly totally flawed
camera for anyone critical about formulating video, or an overly complicated
menu complement that has buried an essential feature.

The camera
also has a built in ‘beep’ that sounds on each symbol press in the
menu complement and would be rarely inapt for a marriage or
conference event. Yet again such an apparent smirch contingency be fixable in the
menu system, yet after acid each submenu available, accompanied by
never finale beeps, we couldn’t find a environment to spin it off. It’s
hard to trust it’s not there somewhere, yet if it is afterwards it’s
needlessly tough to find.

When holding a Panasonic it feels
small, compress and neat — it weighs only 1.5kg. This helps make it very
portable, some-more so than a Sony AX1, yet a trade-off is disappointing
build quality. The plastics feel unequivocally inexpensive and a buttons don’t have a
reassuring, peculiarity feel.

The misfortune instance of a so-so build
quality is a cosmetic doorway on a audio controls, that feels flimsy
and would locate simply when forsaken into a bag. Of course, we expect
build peculiarity to humour during a cheaper finish of a market, yet saving
£1,000 with initial squeeze might be a fake economy when a plastic
doors snap off withdrawal tools exposed.

Panasonic HC-X1000 9

The touchscreen LCD is
functional and splendid adequate for sharpened outdoors. Reflections still
cause problems on unequivocally balmy days and a hold shade isn’t as
responsive as it could be, yet it is adequate to get by.

we find a further of touchscreen to a video camera not ideal as
operating in gloves is a common occurrence, however on a camera of this
size regulating even a earthy buttons can be a struggle. The viewfinder
is transparent and is a good underline that sets this camera detached from a
consumer class camcorder.

Panasonic HC-X1000: Image Quality

distant we’ve seen a X1000 has some apparent pros and cons, yet a image
quality swings things opposite it somewhat. While 4K images are superbly
detailed as we would expect, this comes during a responsibility of too much
noise. Generally, a picture is distant too loud and murky to be
taken severely — anything that isn’t shot in full illumination has a dull
quality that is startling for what we design to see with a 4K camera.

people consider of 4K images they wish sharpness and it feels as if
Panasonic has depressed into a same pitfalls as it did with a GH4. A
tendency to over whet causes nonessential sound in a picture and in
lower light this reduces clarity.

From a non-scientific tests,
a energetic operation comes in during a unequivocally ‘video’ 9 stops. The blacks are
unequivocally murky and don’t have any information when it comes to pulling them
in post-production. The same goes for highlights; they hurl off very
fast and have a inexpensive peculiarity that is approaching from a some-more consumer
grade camera.

Overall, a picture peculiarity is potentially a vital ambuscade for
this camera depending on a kind of work we do. Although it is
sufficient for simple videography, during a time that a Blackmagic Pocket
Cinema Camera, with 12 stops of energetic operation and 12-bit colour depth,
can be purchased for £650, this camera is approach behind prosumer needs.

Panasonic HC-X1000 2
your 4K footage into post-production also presents problems. The option
of 4K in post-production creates clarity as a ability to stand images
without detriment of pixels can assistance if we are stranded in a edit. But, put
simply, a sufficient modifying complement will cost as many as a camera

You’ll find handling a 4K files in an existent system
very difficult. From ingestion to edit, after effects joining and
export, we found all was over twice as delayed when compared to
editing 1080p footage. Unless you’re prepared to deposit in new editing
equipment you’ll substantially finish adult spending some-more time sharpened in 1080p
than 4K, that rather defeats a indicate of a HC-X1000.

Panasonic HC-X1000
Should we buy a Panasonic HC-X1000?

a aspiration to expostulate down a cost 4K video sharpened is admirable,
it’s tough to suggest a Panasonic HC-X1000 right now. Panasonic is
pitching this camera as a prosumer camcorder, yet it’s unequivocally tough to
see because it is value spending a income for a ability to fire during 60fps
in 4K when it is joined with unequivocally normal picture quality.

There’s no jealous this is a feature-packed camcorder. The lens, battery life and twin SD label slots are all glorious and it ticks many tantalizing boxes for videographers, yet when pull comes to force it isn’t a camera we’d select if you’re meditative of switching to 4K. 


There are some earnest elements in a X1000, yet images unequivocally humour in low light situations. It unequivocally needs a incomparable sensor to make a many of the other qualities.

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