Panasonic HC-X1E Camcorder

What is a Panasonic HC-X1E?

The HC-X1E is a professionally orientated 4K camcorder from Panasonic, with a cost tab to match. It goes head-to-head with Canon’s XC10, or some-more expected a new XC15 update. With a horde of primer controls including built-in Neutral Density filter and veteran audio connections, a HC-X1E is a tantalizing tender for critical amateurs, students, marriage videographers and eventuality coverage.

Panasonic HC-X1E – Main Specification

The HC-X1E is a substantial step brazen from a initial “prosumer” 4K camcorder, a HC-X1000E, even if they demeanour utterly identical physically. Whereas a latter sports a 1/2.3-inch CMOS, identical to Panasonic’s consumer-grade camcorders, a HC-X1E upgrades a selection with a “1-inch-type” CMOS, that will effectively have around 4 times a aspect area. Couple this with a reduce 9.46-megapixel resolution, so any pixel is a lot bigger, and we have a recipe for distant softened picture peculiarity and low-light performance.

The sharpened modes haven’t been improved, however. Frame rates max out during 50/60p, with no 100/120 frames per second high-speed choice or higher. As a result, well-spoken slow-motion sharpened isn’t an option, that is disappointing. However, both Digital Cinema (DCI) 4096 x 2160 and UHD 3840 x 2160 resolutions are available, as good as a horde of Full HD, 720p and even SD options.

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Panasonic HC-X1E

For Full HD and below, a AVCHD format can be used during information rates adult 25Mbits/sec. But MP4/MOV provides some severely high-quality possibilities, such as All-Intra Full HD during 200Mbits/sec. Unfortunately, 4K can’t be shot during this high a rate, with DCI offering during 100Mbits/sec and UHD during 150Mbits/sec, nonetheless they’re still pretty high.

From a unsentimental day-to-day indicate of view, a HC-X1E takes a opposite proceed to Canon. Whereas a XC10 and XC15 need a use of intensely costly CFast 2.0 cards when sharpened 4K, a HC-X1E relies on SDXC storage for HD or 4K, with dual slots available. Canon offers a pro-grade 305Mbits/sec in 4K, that is over what SDXC can broach reliably. So a HC-X1E can use most cheaper media, though during a responsibility of carrying some-more assertive application with potentially reduced picture quality.

Panasonic HC-X1E – Operation and Manual Controls

The positioning of a EVF and LCD shade provides dual handheld sharpened postures. You can possibly reason a camera with dual hands so a EVF is during eye level, or rest it on your shoulder and use a LCD row instead. The EVF is preferable for frail concentration pulls, given it sports 1,769,000 dots; a 3.5-inch LCD offers usually 1,152,000 dots.

The HC-X1E is therefore a versatile camera with that to shoot, and there’s a outrageous operation of primer control available, with lots of dissimilar buttons and dials for fast access. The built-in ND filter has ¼, 1/16 and 1/64 options. There are 3 lens rings, with a front one for focus, a center for zoom, and a one closest to a physique for iris, with a symbol circuitously to capacitate it. The wizz control is electronic, however, rather than determining a lens directly, so operates with a really brief delay.

Panasonic HC-X1E

If this isn’t adequate for you, there’s a tiny circle during a bottom of a physique that can be set to opposite functions around dissimilar buttons, including gain, white change and shutter. There are 3 user-assignable buttons as good as buttons for toggling a waveform monitor, zebra, visual picture stabilisation, and switching between a EVF and LCD. The latter can also be reassigned, permitting we to set adult discerning entrance to accurately what we need.

Overall, a HC-X1E is really good included for primer controls, and these are realistically as good as ergonomically organised on a camera body.

Panasonic HC-X1E – Audio and Connectivity

Although a HC-X1E has dual XLR audio inputs, they’re in dual opposite locations. At initial peek this is a bizarre choice, until we consider by how XLR connectors are generally used, with a mono shotgun mic on tip of a camera or a wireless lapel mic, or even both. It does make some clarity to have a inputs for these physically distant in this way.

The dual audio channels can be tranquil alone with small wheels underneath a pure cosmetic door, that allows these wheels to be practiced when it’s closed, though keeps a other audio controls out of reach. Handily, we can send possibly audio submit to possibly channel of a stereo pair, as good as selecting mic, line or +48V haunt energy levels.

Panasonic HC-X1E

There are countless other ports available. A USB 3.0 Host pier can be found on a top, so that outmost storage inclination from 32GB to 2TB can be attached. A USB 3.0 Micro-B connector is accessible for accessing a camera’s storage, as good as full-sized HDMI outlay and even combination analog video outputs with RCA audio. A mini-jack is accessible for headphone attachment, as good as a mini-jack for outmost concentration control and micro-jack for outmost zoom

Panasonic HC-X1E – Image Quality and Performance

Where a HC-X1000E was a bit of a concede in terms of picture peculiarity – with consumer-grade video capabilities inside a professional-grade physique – a HC-X1E is a most some-more critical contender. The 1-inch-type CMOS is still utterly a bit smaller than Micro Four Thirds or APS-C, though significantly incomparable than consumer-grade sensors, and a picture peculiarity is contemplative of this.

Taking a HC-X1E out on a day that isn’t utterly bright, it picks adult shining colour and copiousness of detail. The 150Mbits/sec information rate is also high adequate to equivocate any application issues. The incomparable sensor in sold comes into a possess in reduce light, with a HC-X1E significantly outperforming a HC-X1000E as a enlightenment drops. You can even get divided with adding video benefit in low light, though introducing poignant noise.

You can watch some representation footage shot during a tip 4K peculiarity environment here.

Should we buy a Panasonic HC-X1E?

The Panasonic HC-X1E is a most some-more critical tender than a HC-X1000E. It competence miss high-speed sharpened modes, and tie we to a bound lens, though a latter competence even be profitable in certain resources – electronic news gathering, for example. It’s also able of an estimation of a “DSLR look” that’s so sought after these days.

This is really most a “prosumer” model, and labelled accordingly. But if you’re looking for a reliable, feature-rich, high-quality 4K camcorder for corporate and tyro videography, a Panasonic HC-X1E has copiousness going for it. In that context, a cost is indeed utterly reasonable, too.


The Panasonic HC-X1E delivers good 4K picture peculiarity and a resources of facilities for semi-professional videographers.

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