Panasonic Lumix TZ70 Camera

What is a Panasonic Lumix TZ70?

The ‘travel wizz compact’ marketplace is one of a many renouned around interjection to a multiple of a prolonged focal operation and an modernized specification, all in a physique that is both lightweight and portable.

The zone itself was arguably determined by Panasonic itself behind in 2006 with a TZ1, and given afterwards a manufacturer has continues to reason a place during a tip of a tree with a duration of renouned models.

The TZ70 follows on from final year’s TZ60 – a camera that garnered far-reaching commend interjection to a multiple of a versatile lens and serve of and EVF. The latest indication doesn’t underline any title selection changes, nonetheless it does exaggerate a re-engineered sensor with a perspective towards improving picture quality.

Is this change adequate to aver a upgrade, or reason Panasonic’s position atop a transport wizz tree?

Let’s take a closer demeanour and find out.

PZ70 2

Panasonic Lumix TZ70 – Features

As mentioned, a title change to a TZ70’s selection in comparison to a prototype is concerns to a model’s sensor.

While a TZ60 featured an 18.1MP sensor, a TZ70 now boasts a fortitude of 12.1MP. The tangible earthy distance of a sensor stays a same as before – during 1/2.3in – and as a outcome a distance of a pixels themselves will be larger.

As a outcome a sensor should hoop sound softened during aloft ISO settings, as good as urge picture peculiarity on a whole.

The sensor facilities an ISO operation of 100-6400, a strike in energy compared to a TZ60. The indication also delivers full HD video constraint during a fortitude of 1920 x 1080p, and conveniently for videographers this can be saved in possibly AVCHD or MP4 formats.

Video constraint functionality is serve increased by a participation of a span of delayed suit constraint mode, including a ability to constraint 100fps during 720p, or even 200fps in a most reduce peculiarity VGA (640 x 480) mode.

Alongside a operation of video constraint modes sits a acquire timelapse mode, charity a ability to constraint a changing stage over a duration of time in full HD resolution.

PZ70 7

The sensor is interconnected with a Panasonic’s Venus Engine, an picture processor that aids picture constraint and also delivers some considerable sharpened stats. These embody a continual sharpened speed of adult to 10fps with bound AF, or a slower rate of 6fps with AF tracking enabled (although this is usually for a duration of 6 frames).

In terms of a camera’s optics, a TZ70 facilities a Leica Elmar lens covering a 30x visual wizz trimming from 24-720mm in 35mm homogeneous terms. The lens is also upheld by Panasonic’s 5-axis hybrid OIS stabilisation complement and as such should safeguard pointy images via a endless focal range.

The TZ70 also facilities Wi-fi and NFC functionality for easy connectivity to possibly a smartphone or tablet, nonetheless a indication does allot with a previously-present GPS connectivity.

Another vital alleviation is with regards to a camera’s viewfinder. While a prototype featured a 0.2in, 200K-dot viewfinder, a TZ70 now facilities a 1,166K-dot Live View finder of a same size.

The TZ70’s LCD screen, meanwhile, is also upgraded. While it’s not as poignant as a EVF upgrade, a boost in fortitude from 920k-dots to 1,040k-dots should positively see some real-world improvement.

Panasonic Lumix TZ70 – Design


In terms of a TZ70’s ubiquitous appearance, on a face of it it’s impossibly identical to a TZ60. In fact, it’s utterly formidable to tell a disproportion between a dual cameras. Under closer inspection, however, there are a few pivotal differences that in ubiquitous urge a camera’s handling.

To start with, a indication facilities a some-more conspicuous reason than a prototype and, nonetheless it does outcome in a somewhat wider body, this does give a camera a some-more gentle reason in a hand.

The model’s tip image is also somewhat some-more bony than a predecessor, with an altogether chiselled pattern that is utterly appealing in a black and china iteration of a camera.

PZ70 6

The TZ70 is also a reason heavier than a predecessor, nonetheless when we reason a dual during a same time it unequivocally is formidable tell a disproportion in weight

The indication also facilities a control ring as with a predecessor, one that is good toothed for a good reason once you’re branch it. Unfortunately it’s a well-spoken branch control circle rather than a clicking variety, and as a outcome it can be utterly tough to tell when you’re changing settings.

One acquire serve to a new indication is a participation of an eye sensor concomitant a model’s EVF. This allows for a softened viewfinder to be activated by simply bringing a camera adult to your eye, and so permitting a palm to be giveaway for shooting.

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