Panasonic TX-55EZ952B TV

What is a Panasonic TX-55EZ952B?

The EZ952 is Panasonic’s OLED TV charity to a mainstream. While a brand’s 65-inch EZ1002 touts facilities designed to lure veteran colourists, a EZ952 aims to prove a rest of us. It competence not have a imagination Technics soundbar or Absolute Black pattern filter, though it doesn’t scapegoat core pattern opening or usability.

We’ve already reviewed a bigger and somewhat brighter chronicle of this TV, a Panasonic TX-65EZ952B. What we have here is a 55-inch EZ952, that is yours for £2999.

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Panasonic TX-55EZ952B

Panasonic TX-55EZ952B – Design and Build

Panasonic has pushed a pattern vessel out of late, though with a EZ952 it keeps things reassuringly conservative. The row is wafer thin, bulked out usually by wiring and inputs from a waist down. The bezel is tiny. It resides on a classic, though heavy, pedestal.

Connections embody 4 HDMIs – all HDCP 2.2 compliant, with one ARC-enabled. There are 3 USBs, one of that is of a quick v3.0 variant. Alongside are also an SD label reader, visible digital audio output, a mini-jack adapter for member and multiple AV, and Ethernet. Dual-band Wi-Fi is standard. There are dual satellite tuners and Freeview Play as well.

The TV ships with dual remote controls, a reward IR pointer with a heavyweight lead finish, and a tiny Bluetooth hold controller.

Panasonic TX-55EZ952B

Panasonic TX-55EZ952B – Features

Smart functionality comes around a Panasonic My Home Screen 2.0 platform, a source of a strange Firefox TV OS. It’s minimal in execution though easy to use, featuring some useful functionality. The set launches with 3 round tabs (Live TV, Apps and Devices) on a homescreen, though we can pin some-more to make life easier. These could operation from Netflix to specific inputs.

App sustenance is good. There’s Netflix, that streams in 4K and HDR; Amazon Video (not nonetheless active on a examination sample) and YouTube, both with 4K support; and all a categorical catch-up TV services (BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, Demand 5), Wuaki TV and other sundries.

The set boasts Ultra HD Premium accreditation and supports HDR10, with a firmware refurbish for HLG promote HDR upcoming. Dolby Vision isn’t supported, however.

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Panasonic TX-55EZ952B

Panasonic TX-55EZ952B – Performance

Image peculiarity is on a right side of gorgeous. The set combines plain dynamics with glorious 2160p fact and palatable colour fidelity.

While a TV’s HDR rise liughtness isn’t class-leading, it exceeds what we’ve seen on first-gen Panasonic OLEDs and Philips’ likewise labelled 55-inch POS901F. With a 10% window, we totalled 564 nits, rising to 579 nits with a 5% window in HDR Normal mode with full luminance. This is only in additional of what’s compulsory for Ultra HD Premium acceptance for OLED.

Panasonic TX-55EZ952B

The set tries to beguile with an endless operation of control, nonetheless for a many partial it’s best left on autopilot. Adjustable pattern parameters embody Luminance, Contrast, Brightness, Colour, Tint, Sharpness, and a horde a teenager variables.

Picture presets contain Dynamic, Normal, Cinema, THX Cinema, THX Bright Room, True Cinema, Custom and Professional 1 2. There’s also a high-speed gaming mode accessible around a Picture/options menu. With HDR sources, a TV offers an HDR chronicle of a homogeneous preset.

Experimentation is encouraged, nonetheless we think Normal will be a default choice for many content, given it combines a crowd-pleasing multiple of good normal pattern level, pattern fact and sensuous colour.

The default settings are generally good judged, nonetheless I’d advise shortening Sharpness to 45 on a shifting scale to equivocate ringing.

Arguably a many quarrelsome user environment is Intelligent Frame Creation, Panasonic’s long-standing pattern interpolation mode designed to revoke judder and smearing. Intelligent Frame Creation indeed has a singular outcome on suit clarity. Where it’s effective is in maintaining fact in panned immobile images – typically, backgrounds. If we wish to maximize suit resolution, use a Clear Motion setting. It’s technically effective, though a finish outcome is mostly unwatchable as a outcome of an forward flicker.

The Minimum IFC environment is a many benign, and a pattern generally looks cleaner than with IFC Off. However, if we rivet IFC Mid or Max, suit artifacts turn all too apparent.

Panasonic TX-55EZ952B

The TV delivers a full line-up of 4K glorious fact in all observation modes – nonetheless those THX presets tongue-tied contrariety and definition. Performance on Normal is excellent. Using a 0-1000 nit ramp, we can see a set effectively tinge maps to 1000 nits.

The EZ952’s ideal black turn is immediately discernible in a letterbox bars of any movie, that is curiously thrilling. Viewed in a dim room, you’ll get a genuine clarity of 21:9 framing.

This ability to broach representation black consistently enhances abyss and drama. When Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux) takes to a theatre to sing for his life in a deteriorate culmination of The Leftovers S2, he’s picked out by a spotlight that ideally vignettes to pristine black – we only know this is accurately what a cinematographer had in mind.

The colour progression claims roughly 100% of a DCI-P3 colour space. The perfect vibrancy of a dried sequences in Mad Max Fury Road (UHD Blu-ray) are truly beautiful, with HDR enhancing a low blue skyline; a wan bleached skin of a War Boys juxtaposed opposite a burning orange explosions of tradition trucks and peaked marauders proves a visible feast.

Not that a EZ952 needs local HDR to impress. F1 in UHD on Sky Sports is spectacular. Crowd scenes in sold are alive with glorious detail. Every group shawl and clenched libation appears finely delineated. You don’t demeanour during a picture; we demeanour into it.

Less notable is audio. The TV uses required downward banishment stereo speakers, that go shrill though miss definition. Still, if a shade is used with a home cinema complement or a soundbar afterwards this won’t be an issue.

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Panasonic TX-55EZ952B

Should we buy a Panasonic TX-55EZ952B?

If you’re after a minimalist-looking OLED TV, able of overwhelming clarity and genuine colour richness, afterwards a EZ952 final an audition. It looks marvellous with Sky Q UHD and 4K Blu-ray, and interjection to Freeview Play and Panasonic’s simplified Smart user interface, it’s a provide to live with.


The Panasonic EZ952 is able of intensely high levels of UHD clarity, with HDR that’s easy to watch. Image abyss is pronounced, and there’s a vibrancy to a colour rendering. The miss of Dolby Vision harmony competence turn an emanate if you’re investing in UHD Blu-ray – though this doesn’t detract from what is an glorious TV for a money.

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