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Lot 64 Patents and Source Code
Document Processing System Technology

The Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask™ Market is a conspicuous height for a sale of IP and other assets

Ocean Tomo and Sinofaith IP Group, co-creators of a Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask™ Market (OTBA), announced currently a shutting of Lot 64, entitled Document Processing System, to an undisclosed buyer. This lot is comprised of 4 released U.S. patents, 4 non-provisional obvious applications and program code.

“The Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask™ Market is a conspicuous height for a sale of IP and other assets,” pronounced Jack Caven, CEO, InfoTech International, LLC, a seller of Lot 64.

“We had an IP portfolio of patents, tentative applications, and compared program source formula that we no longer used in a products and motionless to sell a lot. After exploring ways to monetize this myself, we satisfied that we had conjunction a time nor a expertise. So, we intent a professionals during Ocean Tomo. The lot was listed and a OTBA group sealed a customer for a portfolio in reduction than 10 days. An combined reward to this fit routine is a fact that OTBA found a customer for whom a value was 7 figures. we sojourn really tender with a OTBA group and they are now my go-to organisation for other IP deals”, Caven explains.

Dean Becker, who oversees a Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask™ Market combined that “Jack’s aware and totalled proceed to environment a seeking cost for this portfolio helped promote a fast closing, adding one some-more finished transaction information indicate and serve building a clarity enabled by a Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask Market.”

Ocean Tomo Transactions, LLC posts a sale cost for any publicly famous obvious exchange regulating a Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask™ Market platform. Submit open obvious transaction information to a marketplace here.

Visit a Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask Market to perspective a patents enclosed in lots for sale and permit opposite a far-reaching accumulation of record areas including:

  • Lot 46 – Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication
  • Lot 52 – Emergency Communications
  • Lot 56 – Self Service Debt Collection
  • Lot 57 – Digital Content Access
  • Lot 61 – Digital Rights Blockchain
  • Lot 66 – Industrial Internet Security and Inspection
  • Lot 74 – Data Processing

Among others!

About a Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask™ Market

The Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask™ Market is an open on-line height to buy and sell patents. This marketplace is an critical step forward, both as a simplified resolution for obvious exchange as good as a source of information on obvious pricing. The Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask™ Market singly combines a potency of an online height with an gifted group of brokers smooth in both English and Mandarin. The marketplace uses customary transaction papers and is open, pure and giveaway to view.

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