Patriot Viper Launches Brand New RGB DDR4 Series Memory Kits

PATRIOT, a tellurian personality in opening memory, SSDs, gaming peripherals and peep storage solutions currently announced a evident accessibility of a new VIPER RGB Series Performance DDR4 Memory Kits. PATRIOT’s VIPER RGB Series memory modules are designed for users who are spooky with maximizing hardware opening but compromising stability. The VIPER RGB array are entirely optimized for a latest Intel and AMD platforms and matched with a overwhelming feverishness defense design. VIPER RGB array offers RGB enlightenment control by a program focus but additional cables to say an cultured demeanour and overwhelming visuals.

The new feverishness spreader pattern is done from high-quality aluminum and designed to offer glorious thermal abolition to say larger fortitude underneath complicated loads. In addition, VIPER RGB array memory is built with a customized PCB to pledge good vigilance firmness for fast gaming while also charity increasing overclocking potential. The memory ICs featured in VIPER RGB Series bear a exclusive classification routine to keep despotic peculiarity standards and trustworthiness on a latest Intel and AMD height motherboards.

PATRIOT VIPER is committed to providing product solutions for gamers and modders. RGB enlightenment is a poignant component of a gaming PC now. VIPER RGB memory procedure facilities singular pattern elements, from a brow made light bar to a epitome “fang” pattern of a feverishness defense emulating a iconic Snakehead design. Each LED offers full spectrum RGB lighting for gorgeous tone effects.

For a improved LED lighting control, VIPER RGB array memory includes a Viper program permitting users to tweak their RGB illumination. The program allows user to have 5 customizable lighting profiles in further to several pre-programmed lighting effects such as Viper, breathing, heartbeat, raindrop…etc. Furthermore, a interface creates environment a RGB tone control elementary that is critical when user wants to compare a RGB tone with other components of their mechanism build

VIPER RGB array is entirely concordant with a vital motherboards’ RGB control program apps, permitting a RGB Lighting to be synchronized between VIPER RGB memory and motherboard. Furthermore, user usually needs to implement a VIPER RGB control program to tweak their RGB enlightenment usually when eccentric control is indispensable between memory and motherboard.

Each pack is entirely concordant with a latest Intel XMP 2.0 (Extreme Memory Profile), and allows users to simply set their memory speed and timings to get a top probable opening and operative stability. It creates complement tweaking elementary and easy for both pledge complement builders and gifted OCers.

PATRIOT VIPER RGB Series DDR4 Memory is rising with a series of magnitude options to yield users with several choices when it comes to upgrading or building a new system. PATRIOT VIPER RGB Series DDR4 Memory Kits are designed to maximize a opening of each gaming system, accessible in 16GB (2x8GB) ability with frequencies starting during 2,666MHz to impassioned opening speed during 4,133MHz. All VIPER RGB memory modules are corroborated by PATRIOT’s singular lifetime warranty.

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