Pentax K-S1 Camera Review

What is a Pentax K-S1?

The Pentax K-S1 is a DSLR with a difference, one that tries to interpose some of a lifestyle essence we see some-more ordinarily in compress cameras and, to a obtuse extent, CSCs.

What this means in use is that we can to select between loads of colour combinations besides tedious aged black, a figure is a small unusual, and that tools of a camera light-up during operation. It’s a DSLR, looked during from a somewhat contorted perspective.

We’re not assured by all a diversions from a normal Pentax has done here, yet a plain camera basis and vast lens library make it a sound first-DSLR choice for those who competence be put off by a character of some-more required models. Its 20.4-megapixel APS-C sensor can furnish good images.

At £470 with a 18-55mm pack lens, though, a Pentax K-S1 has fixed foe from a Canon 100D and Nikon D3300 for those who don’t caring too many about a singular style.

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Pentax K-S1 – Design and Handling

The Pentax K-S1 is an typical DSLR in pristine detailed terms, yet it positively doesn’t demeanour like one. Similar to other Pentax models of a final few years, to rejects a styling norms of this kind of camera, charity an altogether some-more charming look.

Only a executive partial of a physique that houses a DSLR essentials looks like that of a other DSLRs we review.

There are 12 colour options, including orange, blue and gold, with plain black on offer for those who wish a some-more normal look. These sorts of charming designs competence seem normal in Japan, yet they’ll still spin heads in a US and UK. But that’s a indicate — the Pentax K-S1 seems to wish to attract a younger assembly that doesn’t reason many batch in beardy camera heritage.

Colour isn’t a usually extraneous pattern change either. The Pentax K-S1 has lights on many of a categorical earthy controls as good as a frame of lights along a front, that acts as a countdown when holding a timed shot, or a approach to vigilance that a camera has achieved a face detection-based concentration lock. These light can thankfully be dimmed or incited off entirely.

Is this all unnecessary gloss? To some it is and always will be, yet we did find a light-up controls accessible for night shooting. Traditional DSLR shooters competence know their cameras so good that such light-up pieces would be useless. But, to repeat, that’s not a throng a Pentax K-S1 is unequivocally directed at.

The figure of a Pentax K-S1 is radical too. The DSLR-staple corpulent handhold has been wiped out, transposed by a many smaller grip. While we don’t get as certain a reason as we would with a incomparable one, with consider simple doing is still sincerely comfortable, with adequate room to put your fingers.

It lets a camera physique slim down a little, yet as a K-S1 uses K-mount DSLR lenses a bulkiness of a whole package will dynamic as many by a lens as a camera itself. The pack lens is a sincerely corpulent 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6.

All of a body-altering measures are in assist of a specific look. And it’s one that competence not apparently interest to any specific group. It’s a arrange of unconventional aesthetic, yet one of a past: a 1970s prophesy of a future. We can’t assistance yet consider of a Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet when looking during a white chronicle we have in to review.

It’s certain to polarise, with a change of adore and hatred maybe not expected to import in Pentax’s favour. The Pentax K-S1 also does some surprising things with a control layout.

There’s a vast steel primer control dial on a tip plate, that we found good to use. It’ll essentially hoop orifice or shiver speed depending on a mode you’re in, as usual.

Where things go off a rails is bit is when picking a mode. Instead of carrying an eccentric mode dial like many cameras of this grade, a Pentax K-S1 uses a dial that works around a directional pad on a back. It’s unbending and ungainly – a visible simplification that complicates what a camera is like to use. Thankfully, a tangible directional is sincerely easy to use notwithstanding being congested in with a mode selector.

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