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HEALTHsuite Mercato

Everyone from start-up Medicare Advantage skeleton to long-time determined payer organizations conclude a concentration and a modernized capabilities and imagination we provide.

Every year for a past decade a Philadelphia Business Journal has assessed a record zone in a Greater Philadelphia area and identified RAM Technologies as a personality in a space. RAM has achieved this standing as a outcome of a innovative advancements in a administration of supervision sponsored medical programs (Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid). The Philadelphia Business Journal’s Top Technology Employers List represents a gathering of a many successful program developers, complement integrators and mechanism consultants via a region.

RAM Technologies offers twin solutions for supervision sponsored healthcare, HEALTHsuite® Mercato and eHealthsuite™. These applications yield end-to-end automation for health devise administration and severely facilitate correspondence efforts, including a sell of information with CMS and a state. RAM’s advancements in this area have fueled their continued growth.

“We are respected to be famous by a Philadelphia Business Journal for a continued success,” settled Christopher P. Minton, Executive Vice President of RAM Technologies. “In today’s marketplace health skeleton need a plain substructure on that to build. The abyss of functionality supposing by a resolution suite, total with a imagination of a staff, provides a clients with a fortitude they need to not usually survive, though to flower in these times of change.”

Mr. Minton added, “In today’s rival locus it is essential to compute your classification and your products to align with your corporate prophesy and a marketplace we pursue. Our specialized concentration on supervision sponsored medical (Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid) has been embraced by a payer community. Everyone from start-up Medicare Advantage skeleton to long-time determined payer organizations conclude a concentration and a modernized capabilities and imagination we provide.”

RAM’s solutions HEALTHsuite Mercato and eHealthsuite are proven solutions that revoke a cost of administering Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid, a Financial Alignment Initiative (Duals) and Federal Employee Health Benefit programs.

HEALTHsuite Mercato is a rarely adaptable, browser-based resolution designed to streamline a administration of supervision sponsored medical programs. HEALTHsuite Mercato provides forlorn automation opposite health devise operations including eligibility and enrollment, advantage administration, provider constrictive and reimbursement, provider credentialing, medical function management, caring management, reward billing, confront / claims administration, overpayment recovery, patron service, hit management, capitation, subrogation, fulfillment, EDI integration, government operational stating and more.

In further to a craving capabilities supposing by HEALTHsuite Mercato, RAM also offers a stretchable and secure web portal, eHealthsuite. eHealthsuite enables members and providers to correlate in genuine time with a health devise by a secure Internet connection. This 24 x 7 self-service functionality lowers executive costs by shortening final on a health plan’s patron use personnel.

About RAM Technologies:

RAM Technologies is a heading provider of craving claims estimate program and claims adjudication program for health plans. For over 37 years RAM Technologies has led a approach in a origination of Medicaid program solutions, Medicare program solutions and program for twin authorised estimate (the Medicare-Medicaid Financial Alignment Initiative). RAM Technologies has been famous on Inc. Magazine’s List of Fastest Growing Private Companies and a Philadelphia Business Journal’s List of Top Software Developers for their advancements in a origination of extensive claims government program for Medicare and Medicaid administration. To learn some-more about RAM Technologies’ medical claims estimate and managed caring program solutions call (877) 654-8810 or revisit

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