Philips Jamie Oliver HomeCooker Review

Philips wowed a crowds during IFA 2012 during a launch of a latest home cooking appliances, as it wheeled out a ever gaseous Jamie Oliver with whom a products had been developed. The flagship of a operation is a new HomeCooker, that is an involuntary all-in-one cooking system. We got hands on to see what it’s all about.

Styled like a required food processor, it consists of a vast steel pot that’s exhilarated from next to prepare your food. In a centre is a lifted hole on that rests a stirring tool, that solemnly turns, interlude your food from blazing and gripping all mixed. The immaculate steel pot is removable for easy cleaning, again usually like a food processor.

Phlips Jamie Oliver HomeCooker

Phlips Home Cooker Jamie Oliver

Controls are flattering elementary with a elementary LCD arrangement on a bottom display cooking time and temperature. Just daub a heat and timer controls and divided it goes. It positively seemed flattering simple.

Phlips Jamie Oliver HomeCooker 2

It comes with 4 categorical attachments/accessories; a lid, a steamer tray, a pasta/rice insert, and a chopping tower. The latter is a mini chronicle of a food processor that’s used to quick clout adult or abrade ingredients, though it’s generally designed to do so true into a Home Cooker. It’s modular so it can mount during a same tallness as a several built accessories of a tangible cooker.

Phlips Jamie Oliver HomeCooker 3

Jamie Oliver Phlips Home Cooker Curry

It all seems dynamically and precisely built and deceptively easy to use – it’s not all about perplexing to do all for we though rather do a few pivotal functions well. Jamie Oliver done a indicate that as he’s a prepare he has small use for a HomeCooker day to day, though that it is a good apparatus for quick knocking adult sauces, risotto and other messy dishes that take some time to prepare and need unchanging stirring. With a HomeCooker we can set it and forget it.

Phlips Jamie Oliver HomeCooker 1

The other pivotal to a HomeCooker is that it can do not usually low heat delayed cooking though high-temp (250C) quick cooking too, so if we wish we can do all stages of a coking routine with a one device.

Phlips Jamie Oliver HomeCooker 5
The rest of a Jamie Oliver Philips range

The whole thing is dishwasher protected and will be attack shops in Sep for $250.

Link: Philips HomeCooker

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