Philips Viva Airfryer HD9220 Review

What is a Philips Viva Airfryer?

The Philips Viva Airfryer is a prohibited atmosphere cooker that offers a healthier choice to low fat frying. It’s effectively a tiny fan oven on your worktop.

Its chips are glorious for a health fryer – a best we’ve tested. But a repertoire over chips is sincerely limited. And it’s let down by a tiny ability and a vast cost tag.

Philips Viva Airfryer – Design and Features

The pattern of a Viva Airfryer is surprisingly compress on a worktop; it’s high and skinny rather than far-reaching like rotary health fryers. The tip territory is a heating component and fan, while a bottom territory is drawer that pulls out to exhibit a cooking basket. As a result, there’s no window for gripping an eye on cooking progress. The bottom of a basket is a steel mesh, so atmosphere passes true by it and hits a bottom of a drawer, that is sculpted to disseminate air.

Controls are simple: a dial during a tip lets we set heat (80-200°C) while a timer doorknob above a hoop controls cooking. And on a behind there’s an surprising cord storage that’s handy, nonetheless it protrudes annoyingly.

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It cooks adult to 800g of chips, with a tablespoon (18ml) of oil, to furnish 3% fat chips. And it cooks them a bit faster than a rotary health fryer: 22 mins for 800g during 180°C. Interestingly, it comes with recipes to twice “fry” incomparable wedges, initial during 160°C afterwards during 180°C.

The concomitant recipe book creates it transparent that a Viva Airfryer is fundamentally a tiny fan oven: baked potatoes, open rolls and drumsticks; and we can prepared cakes, crumbles and quiches in an oven plate inside it – good fitness anticipating a tiny adequate oven dish.

Philips Viva Airfryer – What’s it like to use?

The Philips’ pattern is appealing – compress and glossy. And a timer doorknob is cold in a retro way: it’s an analogue timer though a Viva Airfryer does spin off (and make an out-of-date “ding”) when you’re out of time.

To prepared chips, we need to initial toss them in oil in a bowl. Then cocktail them into a pre-heated machine. The fan is heard though not loud adequate to get in a approach of a review or a radio.

The ensuing chips were impressive: prepared in usually 20 mins and tastier than any of a other health fryers we’ve tested. They were somewhat dry, not utterly soothing and feathery adequate in a middle, though decidedly tastier than an oven chip.

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As an examination we baked uninformed chips done from a same potatoes in a oven with a spoonful of oil, stirring them usually once median by a cooking time. The Viva Airfryer is a usually healthy fryer that done chips that could kick them.

We also attempted to prepared prawn crackers in it. We weren’t confident after catastrophic attempts in rotary health fryers, though a Philips during 200°C baked them fast and passably – they weren’t as vast and feathery as you’d design from a low fat fryer, though they weren’t as greasy either. The usually problem was that, with no window to keep an eye on progress, we could hear them removing blown around inside though it was tough to tell either they were baked or not.

Cleaning was OK – a handle filigree during a bottom of a cooking basket takes a good brushing since it catches everything, though it’s not as greasy a pursuit as cleaning a low fat fryer basket.

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Should we buy a Philips Viva Airfryer?

Yes if we wish to prepared healthy chips. This is a usually appurtenance we’ve tested that creates healthy uninformed chips that ambience improved than a same chips baked in an oven.

If your priority is juicy chips, rather than worrying about fat content, afterwards cruise a DeLonghi RotoFry F28311 or a Sage Multi Fryer. And if we wish to prepared vast quantities of healthy chips, cruise a DeLonghi Multifry Extra… or usually use a oven.


An impressive, tiny prohibited atmosphere health cooker that creates tasty, healthy chips… though not most else.

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