Philips Viva Collection HR1617 Review

At a Glance
The Philips Viva
Collection HR1617 is a 650W palm blender that goes over your basic
hand blender by including XL chopper appendage within a permitted container
to assistance clout your ingredients, a measuring crater and a drive attachment.

We Like
has enclosed non-static speed settings to make it easier for we to
monitor how fast we mix your selected delicacy. Although there are
only 5 settings to select from, a operation goes from 1 to 16 in terms
of blade speed, that works with a double action.

Not usually does
the blade work in a round fashion, though it also moves plumb too,
which creates a consistent routine a lot quicker.

The soothing touch
buttons and hold make it easy to use even when your hands are removing a
bit mucky. It comes detached easily, that creates it really easy to clean.

A lightweight palm blender, a buttons on a Viva Collection are permitted and good positioned as well.

measuring jug also creates for a permitted place to store all of a Viva
Collection accessories in one place, that is useful if we have a small

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We Don’t Like
Sometimes a Philips Viva
Collection is a small too good. Despite a non-static speed settings,
it’s nearby unfit to get anything though an masterfully well-spoken texture.
That’s ideal for soup, though if we wish anything with a bit more
variation you’ll be disappointed.

Unfortunately, a Viva
Collection isn’t a many aesthetically appreciative palm blender we’ve come
across, though a energy positively doesn’t let it down.

Should we buy?
Philips Viva Collection palm blender is a fantastic, functional
addition to any kitchen. It’s quick, easy to use and is absolute enough
to make a puree out of anything we threw during it.

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