Physics, no bio: Secret of chameleons’ colour change is out

LoginRegister@indiatimesLoginRegister@indiatimes GENEVA: Light-reflecting cells in a skin yield chameleons their supernatural colour-changing abilties that assistance them attract friends and sentinel off predators, scientists have found. Unlike other animals that change col our, such as a squid and octopus, cha meleons do not cgange their hues by accumulating or dispersing pigments within their skin cells, a researchers found.

Instead, a lizards rest on constructional changes that impact how light reflects off their skin. Researchers found that chameleons have dual superposed thick layers of iridophore cells — shimmering cells that have colouring and simulate light.

The iridophore cells enclose nanocrystals of opposite sizes, shapes and organi zations, pivotal to a chameleons’ thespian colour shifts, a researchers said. The chameleons change a constructional arrangement of a cells by relaxing or sparkling a skin, that leads to a change in colour. The investigate is published in a biography Nature Communications.

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