Pioneer BDP-170 Blu-ray Review

What is a Pioneer BDP-170?

The BDP-170 is Pioneer’s latest Blu-ray player, a deputy for 2013’s BDP-160 and a usually new indication it’s launched this year. Pioneer says this new actor improves on a predecessor’s AV opening while adding new smartphone connectivity options.

It joins a comparison BDP-450 in a range, a rug we applauded for a glorious pictures, decent build peculiarity and far-reaching format support, nonetheless we weren’t utterly so enamoured by a miss of Wi-Fi and partially singular web content. Let’s find out how a BDP-170 compares.


Pioneer BDP-170

Pioneer BDP-170 – Design Connections

The BDP-170 preserves a worldly pattern of past Pioneer players. Its required figure will interest to AV traditionalists, while a neat black styling is approaching to element many TVs and receivers (it’s also permitted in snazzier silver).

The slim, strong aluminium bodywork is higher to many similarly-priced players too, that seem to get flimsier any year, yet with Pioneer you’re unequivocally removing your money’s worth.

The front row offers a few buttons and a USB pier for peep drives and HDDs. Everything blends in with a deck’s black finish, gripping a fascia pleasingly uncluttered. The LED arrangement underneath a front tray is easy to review yet can’t be dimmed or incited off if we find it distracting.

Pioneer BDP-170

On a behind is a law set of sockets for a bill Blu-ray rug – HDMI v1.4a output, digital audio outlay and Ethernet – alongside an analogue stereo output, that is increasingly uncommon. There’s a second USB pier on a behind too, that is permitted since we can leave your HDD henceforth plugged in yet anything adhering out a front, withdrawal a front pier giveaway for occasional tie of peep drives.

Pioneer BDP-170

Some people competence have approaching a videophile code like Pioneer to offer a second HDMI pier or member outlay for bequest displays yet that’s sad meditative during this price.

Pioneer BDP-170 – Features

The BDP-170 boasts a healthy operation of wireless connectivity including built-in Wi-Fi and Miracast shade mirroring, that wasn’t found on a BDP-450. Wi-Fi Direct allows we to tide calm from smartphones and tablets yet a use of a router.

It’s also DLNA certified, permitting we to tide your possess media files from inclination on a same network. You can also entrance YouTube and Picasa (including support for a YouTube ‘Send To TV’ feature), that feels like a token bid subsequent to a resources of apps offering by Samsung, LG and Sony, yet that doesn’t make their inclusion any rebate welcome.

We suspicion a BDP-450’s format support was glorious and thankfully a BDP-170 follows in a footsteps. On a video side, we can play DivX HD, MP4, WMV, AVCHD, AVI, 3GP and FLV, while upheld song formats embody MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, FLAC and APE. You can perspective JPEG, MPO, PNG and GIF photos too.

The beauty is that we can entrance all of these files from disc, USB or over a network – solely AVCHD and FLAC, that can usually be played around USB or disc. But on a and side it plays hi-res FLAC files adult to 192kHz/24-bit.

As for Blu-ray, a BDP-170 spins both 2D and 3D discs. There’s no 4K upscaling yet it outputs during 1080/24p and upscales DVDs to 1080p. Super Audio CD playback is upheld and it’ll decode Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS HD Master Audio and DTS-HD if you’re feeding audio to a receiver yet those decoders, yet will also outlay them in bitstream form.

Other rebate glamorous yet useful facilities embody a 1.5x View Scan with Audio function, that lets we indicate discs while a sound still plays, and a Quick Start mode. The rug also supports Pioneer’s Sound Retriever Link, that improves a peculiarity of dense audio when used with a concordant Pioneer receiver.

Pioneer BDP-170 – Operation

The BDP-170’s doing complement is organic yet lacks a slickness and pizzazz of a Samsung or LG. The Home menu uses a black shade with 3 options listed on a left and capricious monochrome graphics to illustrate a selected option.

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Pioneer BDP-170

The options are Home Media Gallery (where we entrance DLNA, USB or front content), Web Contents (YouTube and Picasa) and Initial Setup. In any box a submenus are lifeless as dishwater yet get a pursuit done, and a cursor is discerning and responsive.

The setup menu houses a minute list of options, including a Video Adjust menu that lets we name from 3 presets (Standard, Vivid, Cinema) or adjust a pattern yourself by selecting a Custom setting. Brightness, saturation, hue, contrast, sharpness and CTI (colour transitory improvement) options are available, and 3 sound rebate settings.

A permitted Setup Navigator runs by a basis – language, fortitude and aspect ratio – nonetheless Wi-Fi setup should have been enclosed as it’s buried in a setup menu. A Function menu is permitted during playback, permitting we to entrance a disc’s facilities (subtitles, audio marks etc).

Pioneer BDP-170

When personification files over DLNA or USB, a Pioneer displays cover art and permitted metadata. We had no difficulty streaming calm from a Windows 7 laptop, a Sony NWZ-F886 Android media actor (over Wi-Fi Direct) or from YouTube. The rug communicated with all a inclination uniformly and a usually thing it refused to play was a 96kHz/24-bit FLAC file.

The BDP-170 uses a opposite remote to that of a BDP-450 and it has a some-more plasticky finish. The symbol blueprint is glorious though, with a instruction pad crash in a centre, simply permitted playback keys and good labelling from tip to bottom. Miracast and YouTube get their possess buttons, phony blue and red respectively. Our usually dispute (and it’s a teenager one) is that a soft buttons need to be pulpy down sincerely hard.

The BDP-170 is concordant with Pioneer’s iControlAV5 app for iOS and Android inclination (see gallery for photos). You can use it to work all of a player’s simple functions regulating a array of slick, eye-catching menus, as good as a concordant Pioneer receiver.

Pioneer BDP-170 – Performance

The BDP-170 produces glorious pictures, creation all from forbidding wartime dramas to charcterised kids’ transport demeanour sumptuous.

Kicking things off with Inglourious Basterds on Blu-ray, shots of a French panorama as Colonel Landa crawls towards LaPedite’s residence are ripping with fact like particular blades of weed and leaves on trees. This razor pointy fact retrieval is joined with a low contrariety that creates a picture demeanour punchy and cinematic.

The immature hues are abounding and eager yet always natural, while gamut and shading are uniformly and easily reproduced. Monsieur LaPedite’s skin looks realistic, peppered with pockmarks and beads of sweat. The outline of a residence silhouetted opposite a blue sky is crisply tangible and stable.

When a stage moves inside a house, we get to see a deck’s superb shade fact facsimile and a superb contrast. Objects on shelves and in crevices are manifest and we can make out a timber pellet on a walls. When Shoshana escapes, a rug marks her run yet any judder or break-up.

Swapping Tarantino for Disney, we installed adult Wall-E and were enchanted by a deck’s prudent facsimile of littered landscapes and a apt doing of a subtle, misty colour tones. Every support is awash with fact and a rug lets zero of it trip from a grasp.

With a 3D chronicle of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, a further of a third dimension does zero to revoke a fact clarity, colour fealty or suit stability. Goblins, orcs and hobbits dart about a layered CG landscapes and sets yet poignant blur, successfully pulling we into a action.

More severe video clips like relocating SMPTE patterns and camera pans opposite dull football stadiums are confidently handled, gripping strobing, flickering and moiré sound during bay. DVDs dumpy adult easily too – a duplicate of Attack of a Clones looks clean, frail and stable.

The rug wakes adult in rebate than 5 seconds and loads many discs quickly, nonetheless it took 35 seconds to start personification a Java-heavy Terminator Salvation, that is slower than some rivals.
Pioneer BDP-170

Should we buy a Pioneer BDP-170?

If you’re after endless internet content, a jazzy doing system, 4K upscaling or an eye-catching design, afterwards a BDP-170 substantially isn’t a actor for you.

But if we wish a rug with higher build quality, top-drawer Blu-ray cinema and a ability to play a far-reaching operation of formats yet bitch afterwards it’s income good spent.

It carries out a duties uniformly either you’re spinning a Blu-ray front or streaming files over a network, and a plain bodywork is most improved than we routinely get for this arrange of money.


It lacks a endless web calm and pizzazz of opposition bill players yet a BDP-170 is a solidly-built front spinner with far-reaching format support and useful wireless functionality.

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