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Playwire, a largest COPPA agreeable digital organisation online, currently announced a new partnership with Sandbox Networks Inc. (SNI), a heading gaming and educational association for millennial relatives and their children. Playwire will exclusively paint a online promotion of SNI’s portfolio of 7 web and mobile properties globally including, though not singular to, sponsored content, tradition gaming experiences, and protracted existence ads.

This partnership rounds out Playwire’s charity of top-notch kids-focused digital properties for their important promotion brands. Included in this understanding are COPPA-compliant and kidSAFE gaming and educational web properties, Poptropica, Poptropica Worlds, Funbrain, Fact Monster, and Infoplease. Additionally, this arrangement includes, a longest-standing parenting site on a web, and, used by one third of all teachers in a United States. This partnership adds sixty-five million pageviews to Playwire’s Kids Club.

“As we build a strech some-more and work towards apropos a heading end for edutainment, we wanted to partner with another entity that unequivocally understands this space,” pronounced Abhi Arya, President of SNI. “This partnership brings concentration to a teams to broach good edutainment products to a marketplace while a partner (Playwire) helps us scale and build long-term selling partnerships. We are gay to be operative with Playwire as we trust this partnership will take both a companies to larger heights.”

SNI is partial of a wider Sandbox Co family that has an considerable portfolio, including Tinybop and Hopster, that engages, educates and entertains twenty million millennial families and their children in over 100 countries any month. With online products and services that make training fun, SNI is during a intersection of a digital, training media industries.

“Sandbox has a extensive portfolio that’s not usually tailored to a kids assembly though also to their parents,” pronounced Jayson Dubin, CEO, Playwire. “Millennials are commencement to get comparison and lift a subsequent generation. Through this partnership we’ll have a singular event to bond a code partners to kids and relatives with an omni-channel mindset.”

Playwire has a long-standing story as a devoted partner for kids-focused websites to assistance them navigate a changing manners and laws of promotion to kids. Playwire is kidSAFE+ and COPPA certified, and creates certain their kids-focused partners stay compliant, safe, and successful.

In further to Sandbox Networks Inc., Playwire has also recently partnered with Kidzworld and

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About Playwire

Playwire is a tellurian record and services association that helps publishers beget some-more income from their user bottom and run their businesses some-more efficiently. With their Complete Monetization Platform they are means to yield an comprehensive resolution to conduct any aspect of a ad ecosystem for digital publishers by appurtenance training record dubbed, Revenue Intelligence.

Playwire’s portfolio includes handling over 450 websites, portion 6 billion video and arrangement ads, and streaming one billion mins of video any month. The disdainful inlet of a company’s attribute with their partners allows them to yield all of their digital promotion services by one channel. Playwire is headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida and has business operations and satellite offices around a globe. For some-more information, greatfully revisit and on Twitter @playwire.

About Sandbox Networks Inc.

Sandbox Networks Inc. (SNI) is a millennial preparation association with a idea to Engage, Entertain and Educate. With online edutainment products and services that make training fun, SNI is during a intersection of a digital, training media industries. SNI’s idea is to assistance children acquire a believe and skills they will need for currently and tomorrow by providing a holistic set of educational products opposite a millennial family with kids, relatives and teachers.

SNI is a partial of a wider Sandbox Co family that is done adult of award-winning products, platforms and brands. Every day kids suffer a online games, mobile apps, books, and more, including Poptropica, TeacherVision, Fact Monster, Story Arc Media, Family Education, Tinybop, and Funbrain. Sandbox is committed to providing an forlorn ecosystem of enchanting training collection permitted all around a world, in any location, during any age. For some-more information, revisit us during


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