Polk Audio TL1600 Audio Review

What is a Polk Audio TL1600?

The TL1600 is a compress 5.1 orator complement that delivers approximate sound though creation outrageous final on your space or wallet. Its £330 cost tab looks like glorious value for income on paper, utterly for a complement done by a reputable American orator code like Polk. The dinky satellites are pressed with nifty innovations, while a tiny 100W subwoofer adds oomph to those all-important movement scenes.

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Polk Audio TL1600

Polk Audio TL1600 – Design

In a box are 4 matching TL1 satellites for a front and behind channels. Their 165mm tallness lets we place them discreetly on tip of TV stands or sideboards, serve a horizontally aligned TL1 centre speaker.

All of a satellites are styled in a silken ‘Blackstone’ finish, that Polk describes as ‘automotive strength’. Indeed, it gleams in a light like something out of Fast and Furious, that is certainly alluring.

Polk Audio TL1600

What’s more, a curvy cabinets demeanour some-more glorious than many speakers during this cost and exaggerate strong build quality, too. Even a orator terminals on a behind are gold-plated contracting posts, not inexpensive springclips. On pattern alone a TL1600 has already fit a seeking price.

The curves offer an acoustic purpose as good as an cultured one. The non-parallel surfaces strengthen a enclosing and assistance keep colouration during bay.

The front of any orator is lonesome by a black cloth grille that can be private to exhibit a drivers. On a behind is a built-in keyhole container and threaded insert for wall mounting, and an aperiodic-tuned drum port.

The lovable subwoofer’s beautiful matte finish and winding corners make it easy on a eye and during 352mm high by 317mm low it’s one of a some-more space-friendly subwoofers we’ve encountered.

Polk Audio TL1600

On a behind you’ll find a horde of controls, including knobs to adjust volume and crossover magnitude and switches for Phase and energy options. Sockets embody stereo line submit and orator turn submit and outlay springclips.

Polk Audio TL1600 – Drivers

Each front/rear satellite facilities a 2.5-inch mid-bass cone motorist and a ½-inch silk polymer architecture tweeter, while a centre uses dual mid-range drivers and a tweeter.

These midrange drivers are tuned regulating Polk’s Dynamic Balance technology, designed to offer a smooth, prosaic magnitude response and discharge motorist and complement resonances.

Time Lens record is another Polk creation that aligns a acoustic centres of a tweeter and midrange motorist to safeguard accurate imaging, with an acoustic lens in a grille to smoothen magnitude response.
The aperiodic-tuned drum pier on a satellites controls atmosphere upsurge for a well-spoken brew with a underling and generates a ‘big drum response’. The subwoofer itself packs an 8in motorist and 100W of amplification.

Polk Audio TL1600 – Performance

The TL1600 delivers a unequivocally considerable opening for a money, blustering out a bigger and louder sound than you’d pattern from speakers of this size.

Credit for this should go to a speakers’ Extended Linear Motion engine structure, that allows a drivers’ relocating tools to extend serve than would routinely be probable within a proportions of such a tiny cabinet. As a outcome they can beget a large soundstage with film soundtracks, notwithstanding their size.

Obviously they miss a comprehensive scale and management of floorstanders, though they review unequivocally agreeably with other compress systems that cost twice as much.

This surprisingly manly sound is also helped by a sats’ considerable drum extension. The crossover between sats and underling is seamless – explosions are plain and cohesive, melding a low rumble with a pointy midrange crunch, while drum beats are parsimonious and low voices sound weighty.

Also considerable is a speakers’ refusal to strap or aria when we holder adult a volume. Even underneath a impassioned compulsion of Guardians of a Galaxy’s conflict scenes, a TL1600 stays ease and composed. There’s no rudeness in a mids and highs, unequivocally small sepulchral from a underling and no colouration. It maintains a good turn of clarity with fact and dialogue. Once or twice we had to rein a subwoofer in a bit though differently it’s a hassle-free listening experience.
The complement is also characterised by a crisp, accurate treble. Every stage is peppered with detail, from nuances in tellurian voices to a score’s trenchant coronet instruments. This lends a clarity of honesty and clarity blank from some bill orator packages. Even improved news is that we get this glorious fact facsimile opposite a whole complement interjection to a use of matching drivers, ensuing in accurate, interesting approximate sound.

We’re unequivocally struggling to know because this complement usually costs £330. The usually genuine disastrous is that it’s not a many assertive or autocratic performer you’re expected to hear. The tinge is rather laid behind and polite, so if we wish a some-more biting, heartless listen we competence wish to adult your bill and check out some bigger orator packages.

However, a system’s frail detail, well-integrated drum and accurate imaging formula creates it a unequivocally low-pitched system. We were as tender by a ethereal doing of Miles Davis’ Blue In Green as we were by a punchy, enterprising delivery of Happy by Pharrell Williams.
Polk Audio TL1600

Should we buy a Polk Audio TL1600?

If you’re after a 5.1-speaker complement on a parsimonious budget, Polk’s TL1600 is an glorious choice. It delivers sound peculiarity good above what you’d pattern for a income and size, generally in terms of scale and detail. These glorious satellites won’t have difficulty stuffing many vital bedrooms when associated to a punchy, flexible subwoofer, ensuing in a unequivocally interesting sound. Add a stout construction and beautiful Blackstone styling into a brew and a TL1600 is an comprehensive no-brainer.

Its smooth, laidback impression competence not get your adrenaline issuing utterly as simply as some other compress systems, though that’s a usually genuine obstacle of this unequivocally considerable compress system.

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Polk’s living-room-friendly sub/sat complement delivers a big, minute sound, neat pattern and decent build peculiarity – all of that creates it glorious value for money.

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