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The formation of SmartUX with Blackberry Dynamics enables a business to fast pattern and broach a omni-channel apps their users want, while giving IT a authority and control indispensable to safeguard enterprise-grade confidence and compliance.

PowWow Mobile, a personality in enabling enterprises to facilitate and extend business apps to mobile, currently announced during a Blackberry Security Summit, a formation with a Blackberry Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform. The formation of a heading fast mobile app platform, SmartUX, with Blackberry Dynamics, enables business to accelerate and streamline a origination and deployment of secure omni-channel apps. The seamless drag-and-drop formation allows users to simply bond to, and mashup, mixed craving information sources to broach a simplified and secured, local user-experience but formidable coding or a need for specialized resources.

“In sequence to contest in today’s always-on digital world, organizations contingency supply their workforce with a ability to firmly lift information in brief order, anytime, anywhere and on any device,” pronounced Kia Behnia, CEO, PowWow Mobile. “The formation of SmartUX with Blackberry Dynamics enables a business to fast pattern and broach a omni-channel apps their users want, while giving IT a authority and control indispensable to safeguard enterprise-grade confidence and compliance.”

PowWow Mobile disrupts a speed, complexity and economics ordinarily compared with delivering productivity-enhancing apps to an increasingly mobile-first workforce. The PowWow SmartUX Platform simplifies and extends business apps to mobile, delivering complicated omni-channel practice that renovate how work is finished in a digital era. With SmartUX, users can simply bond to any focus or information source and fast pattern and muster personalized, intelligent and secure apps that run anywhere, on any device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone or watch), and any OS (iOS, Android, Windows 10 or HTML5).

The formation with Blackberry Dynamics enables streamlined support for app confidence and analytics while providing rare speed and control for a smoothness of craving mobile apps. Additional advantages embody a ability to:

  • Secure Apps From The Start: Enable IT and line of business resources to fast and simply scale their craving app deployment initiatives and safeguard apps are secure from a start. Eliminate a need for formidable coding and time-consuming app formation by implementing confidence and corporate process parameters during pattern time, but carrying to hold a app’s source code, ensuring an accelerated time to value.
  • Implement Custom Security Policies Configurations: Easily create, configure and exercise tradition app policies when conceptualizing apps for discerning re-use opposite an app portfolio. SmartUX enables seamless drag-and-drop confidence components that safeguard information calm protection, from a shade to a margin level, fixation entrance restrictions on tools of a app formed on a tradition process criteria.
  • Deliver Data-Driven Insights with Blackberry Analytics: Make sensitive decisions, brand issues quicker and boost lively with extensive app analytics. The SmartUX formation with Blackberry Analytics, partial of Blackberry Dynamics can precedence a analytics and mobile app opening capabilities of apps combined within SmartUX. This formation complements PowWow’s analytics suite, SmartUX Analytics, by delivering vital insights indispensable to expostulate operational efficiencies.
  • ‘One-Click’ Simple SDK Installation: Easily click-and-add a Blackberry Dynamics SDK into your mobile app projects. SmartUX for Blackberry Dynamics EMM integration, allows developers and non-developers to confederate Blackberry Dynamics SDK with ‘one-click.’

To learn some-more about SmartUX for Blackberry Dynamics, click here or stop by a counter in a Partner Showcase during a Blackberry Security Summit. For some-more information on PowWow Mobile, revisit http://www.powwowmobile.com and follow @powwowmobile on Twitter.

About PowWow Mobile

PowWow Mobile is redefining a mobile enterprise. Our fast mobile app solution, SmartUXTM, enables organizations to facilitate and extend business apps to mobile by modernizing and streamlining existent processes to broach new and intelligent “enterprise to edge” experiences. Built on best of multiply open technology, SmartUX provides a low-code, drag and dump sourroundings for fast formulating and deploying secure cross-platform mobile apps. With unmatched accessibility and ease-of-use, a resolution facilitates partnership between IT and a business, significantly shortening backlogs and accelerating time to value. Enterprises in a financial services, manufacturing, telecom, software, transportation, consulting and a public-sector industries trust PowWow Mobile to commission their anytime, anywhere workforce; boost lively and rival advantage, and expostulate creation and capability by intelligent business mobile apps. Based in San Francisco, PowWow Mobile has garnered prestigious awards and approval from AOTMP, Compass Intelligence, Gartner and more. Learn some-more about how PowWow Mobile is redefining a mobile craving during http://www.powwowmobile.com, on Twitter @powwowmobile or on Linkedin.

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