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Precision Health AI (PH.AI), a personality in RWD and AI solutions for pointing health in Oncology, and Vector Oncology, a personality in genuine universe oncology investigate and Health Outcomes solutions, currently announced a partnership to broach best in category Real World Evidence (RWE) formed oncology solutions. The PH.AI permit with ASCO/CancerlinQ, now interconnected with Vector Oncology’s world-class curation and HEOR team, delivers a decisive low clinical oncology information set — to a advantage of a whole industry.

“Vector Oncology brings extensive existent information resources – including exclusive PRO peculiarity of life and sign weight information – and a vast scale world-class organisation of oncology helper abstractors with a lane record of delivering investigate peculiarity outcomes end-points from a curation of genuine universe data” pronounced Brigham Hyde, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Precision Health AI. “This partnership truly sets a PH.AI EurekaHealth Oncology Platform detached by delivering on a guarantee of pointing medicine and providing rare actionable comprehension to Life Science customers.”

Vector Oncology provides investigate and RWE services to heading curative companies, including a pattern and execution of retrospective and multi-year hybrid studies enrolling targeted cohorts of patients in active diagnosis to broach genuine time, genuine universe justification on stream and changing diagnosis combinations, analogous effectiveness, health outcomes, and mercantile value. Vector Oncology HEOR studies replicate a correctness and endpoints of impending investigate designs and minister to counterpart reviewed publications and regulatory submissions, including fake control arms and useful randomized clinical trials. Vector Oncology was acquired in Dec 2017 by SymphonyAI.

“Collaboration with PH.AI has remade a ability to offer vast scale, genuine time, genuine universe data, AI driven actionable intelligence, and capacitate outcomes investigate solutions contributing to improved cancer studious care, removing a right diagnosis to a right studious during a right time,” pronounced Michael Choukas, CEO of Vector Oncology. “This partnership means we’ll get a clients and oncology patients to improved outcomes faster and some-more efficiently.”

The partnership announced currently creates an unmatched turn of depth, breadth, and correctness powering new genuine universe health outcomes investigate and information solutions that will denote a efficacy, effectiveness, safety, and value of oncology therapeutics to accommodate elaborating regulatory standards.

“The PH.AI/Vector Oncology Definitive Real World Data resources and total capabilities, upheld by PH.AI’s universe category organisation of AI and information scientists, are accelerating and streamlining a life scholarship clients’ oncology find and clinical expansion programs, and delivering unmatched genuine universe justification and comprehension in support of their regulatory submissions, publications and clinical objectives,” pronounced Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, Chairman and CEO of SymphonyAI.

Come see a PH.AI-Vector Oncology solutions during ASCO 2018, Booth #25109

About Precision Health AI

Precision Health AI is building a heading synthetic comprehension (AI) height for oncology built on a largest longitudinal clinical oncology dataset to capacitate a use of pointing medicine for improved cancer studious care, removing a right diagnosis to a right studious during a right time. Insights from Precision Health AI will accelerate cancer-related drug development, trials and real-world justification for a advantage of a cancer caring ecosystem of oncologists, curative companies, payers and patients. To learn more, revisit

About Vector Oncology

Vector Oncology is a personality in a pattern and smoothness of caring formed oncology investigate and information analytics. Utilizing a Definitive Oncology Real World Data resources and exclusive Patient Care Monitor (PCM) studious rendezvous and outcomes platform, a gifted plan teams, medical experts and health economics and outcomes scientists pattern and broach high-quality studies generating genuine universe justification and discernment contributing to publications and regulatory submissions. For some-more information, greatfully revisit

About SymphonyAI

SymphonyAI is a organisation of companies that yield a heading AI-centric solutions for transforming a business craving by pushing income expansion and operational excellence, for a retail, CPG, medical and industrial verticals, and for finance, IT and other pivotal craving plane functions. Founded by Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, SymphonyAI is one of a fastest flourishing companies in a business-to-business AI solutions zone with income this year of $275 million and 1,500 employees.

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