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“RETAILvantage is designed for a selling habits of a new consumer, providing a singular complement of law for omnichannel sales and register management.” – Joanne Gulnac, ubiquitous manager, PROFITsystems

PROFITsystems, a HighJump product and heading provider of solutions for home furnishings retailers, currently announces new advances for a server and cloud-based sell government system, RETAILvantage. The latest updates commission companies of all sizes to develop to accommodate today’s formidable sell final and a expectations of a consumer of a future.

Meeting millennial final is pushing a attention to change. From retreat logistics, to same-day delivery, to mobility, to amicable rendezvous and beyond, seat retailers need a latest technologies to gain on these trends and stay competitive. PROFITsystems helps make this probable with a recover of RETAILvantage 2.5.

With a latest chronicle of RETAILvantage, online and section and trebuchet home furnishings retailers gain on all ecommerce has to offer. Using RETAILvantage’s new eCommerce API, retailers can seamlessly sync information between their website and a ERP system. This enables real-time selling transport sequence integration, website pricing and register information automatically synced to embody package pricing and object availability. Additionally, a new API is designed to work with retailers’ existent ecommerce provider, assuring they can use a vital partners that know and best fit their business. The outcome is a true, programmed omnichannel knowledge that increases sales and expands retailers’ reach.

“Staying rival in today’s home furnishings marketplace means reflecting on your stream record stack,” pronounced Joanne Gulnac, ubiquitous manager, PROFITsystems. “RETAILvantage is designed for a selling habits of a new consumer, providing a singular complement of law for omnichannel sales and register management.”

The launch of RETAILvantage 2.5 is one of a array of new enhancements from PROFITsystems. This includes integrating with Wondersign’s unconstrained aisle kiosk and Podium’s messaging and online examination products.

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About PROFITsystems, a HighJump product

PROFITsystems is a finish sell government resolution for a complicated home products retailer. Key components embody craving software, consulting, opening groups, modernized education, eCommerce formation and business intelligence. PROFITsystems facilities real-time register management, patron family management, point-of-sale and accounting systems.

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HighJump’s functionally abounding and rarely variable end-to-end solutions assistance users grasp new levels of supply sequence responsiveness, opening and profitability, from a room to a storefront, from a desktop to a driver’s cab. HighJump’s apartment of warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, mobile smoothness and sell solutions concede users to seamlessly expostulate growth, patron compensation and income by delivering products faster and some-more profitably.

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