Punjab scientist finds new record for DNA amplification

CHANDIGARH: Exploring a purpose of a together DNA in a vital cell, a scientist from Punjab has claimed to have grown a new technique for a amplification, observant that a investigate will assistance to find improved calming resolution for Cancer, TB, AIDS and other deadly diseases.

This is a growth for new “Parallel DNA Polymerase Chain Reaction (PD-PCR)” for dual conflicting products from a DNA template, Dr Vikash Bhardwaj said.

“This record has authorised life scientists to allege their bargain of several phenomena occurring in a vital cell,” he said.

The commentary were published in a F1000 Research journal, UK.

Bhardwaj pronounced that “it has already had a vital impact on life scholarship and is a well-recognised apparatus in debate sciences. It is also being widely used to investigate several diseases including Cancer, TB, AIDS”.

In a required PCR, DNA is amplified millions of times as it is in strange form. However, going further, Dr Bhardwaj of a private university in Punjab, has researched on DNA and grown a new PD-PCR technique that claims singularity of a new DNA carrying polarity conflicting to a template used.

“This new believe will unequivocally open a approach in improved bargain of remedies for deadly diseases with some-more probes,” he says.

Dr Bhardwaj shares “even with a find of DNA in 1868, it took nearby 85 years to zodiacally accept DNA as a pivotal proton that contains all information required to build and say an organism. Initially, it was unequivocally severe for me to consider over required knowledge.”

“I have now explored a purpose of ‘Parallel DNA’ and grown a novel technique for a amplification. So, this investigate will serve assistance researchers to find improved solutions to exterminate deadly diseases like cancer, tuberculosis, AIDS and more,” he says.

PCR is a record that has authorised researchers to allege their bargain of several phenomenons occurring in a vital cell.

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