Q Acoustics Q-TV2 Audio Review

What is a Q Acoustics Q-TV2?

The Q Acoustics Q-TV2 is an inventive audio ascent for flatscreen TVs that attaches to a behind of a set and delivers sound from dual speakers poking out of a sides. This substantially invisible resolution is versed with 100W of amplification, 8 orator drivers and a slim subwoofer, all designed to dramatically urge sound peculiarity when examination TV shows and movies.

The Q-TV2 has been around for a few years now and cost £330 when it was initial introduced, yet since Q Acoustics has recently slashed a cost to a ridiculously low £150, we suspicion it was high time we had a listen.
Q Acoustics Q-TV2
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Q Acoustics Q-TV2 – Design, Setup and Connections

You can’t see a Q-TV2 when it’s clamped to a behind of your TV, so understandably Q hasn’t worried to make it demeanour pretty. The industrial pattern has some-more in common with a wall mountain than a soundbar, regulating strong steel components to give it a claim sturdiness.
Q Acoustics Q-TV2
The categorical body, that measures 50mm deep, has steel bars entrance out of a sides that reason a satellite speakers. It’s designed to fit LCD TVs between 32-inch and 42-inch, while a Q-TV2X is designed for 42-inch to 50-inch screens.

To fit a Q-TV2, we insert dual rails to a threaded regulating points on a behind of your TV – a far-reaching operation of screws is supposing to support for opposite TVs. If these rails cover adult your TV’s connections, use a granted spacers to emanate a opening to feed a cables through. The Q-TV2 afterwards simply clips onto a rails.Q Acoustics Q-TV2
Having this appliance strapped to a behind will apparently bulk adult your TV considerably, and therefore we can’t insert it to newer, slimmer LED TVs that can’t support a weight. In that instance, Q Acoustics offers a giveaway tabletop mount that lets we place a speakers behind a set. Standard and cantilever wall brackets are also accessible that reason both a TV and Q-TV2.

Q Acoustics Q-TV2
The breadth of a speakers can be practiced for your TV by relaxation a bolts and pulling a bars out. You can also pierce a speakers adult and down a bars or pivot them to a best angle.
Q Acoustics Q-TV2
Along a tip of a section is a quarrel of sockets and controls. The easiest approach to feed sound into a Q-TV2 is by a visual digital submit – that way, anything connected to your TV will be listened by a speakers, be it Blu-ray, Sky TV or games console. Make certain your TV’s visual outlay is set to PCM or you’ll usually hear noise.

Alternatively we can bond your TV to a analogue RCA inputs or 3.5mm minijack. Using a latter we can bond your TV’s headphone outlay and control volume regulating your existent TV remote – yet we don’t suggest it. A second 3.5mm jack lets we offshoot adult unstable audio devices.

Alongside a sockets are 3 switches, one of that lets we name from 3 EQ modes formed on where it’s commissioned – freestanding, wall or corner. Another switch lets we select either to use a Q-TV2’s possess volume controls or a volume controls of an outmost device connected directly to a RCA inputs, such as a TV receiver. The third switch lets we request an audio check (up to 180ms) to marry adult sound and cinema if there are mouth sync problems.

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Q Acoustics Q-TV2 – Drivers

The Q-TV2 boasts 8 Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) drivers, dual in any orator and 4 in a slim subwoofer. BMR drivers are famous for their ability to sunder sound over a wider pivot than normal drivers, that means everybody in a room theoretically shares a same listening experience.

The subwoofer is entirely ‘force cancelling’, that means it keeps vibrations and resonances to a smallest and therefore prevents any repairs to a TV or blurring of a picture.

Q Acoustics Q-TV2 – Operation

In a box is a compress remote temperament only 3 buttons – volume up, down and mute. The volume keys also let we adjust a audio check when a switch is in a ‘Set Delay’ position. It’s an excessively well-made zapper given a singular jurisdiction, yet we’re not complaining.

Q Acoustics Q-TV2

Q Acoustics Q-TV2 – Performance

Despite a unusual design, a Q-TV2 does a superb pursuit of adding energy and abyss to TV shows and movies. We don’t consider there’s a flatscreen TV on a world that can compare a perfect flesh and clarity offering by this considerable speaker.

The onboard amp goes impressively shrill and a BMR drivers simply fill a room. There’s no practical approximate estimate yet a section musters a surprisingly enveloping sound that creates we feel involved. The dynamic, aggressive tinge is facilely sparkling though stepping into harshness.

Q Acoustics Q-TV2

But even some-more considerable is a drum output, demonstrated by a initial beach-drop stage in Edge of Tomorrow on Blu-ray. As a infantry wait in a reason before a drop, a plane’s engine has a low, plain hum, and when Cage is forsaken into a conflict section a room swells with pithy explosions and thumping appurtenance gun fire.

This brawny drum brings a arrange of scale and play we simply don’t get from TV speakers, that is no meant attainment given that a section is hardly thicker than a TV it’s perplexing to improve.

But on a downside drum isn’t quite good defined. Much of a time a underling only rumbles loudly, struggling to communicate incompatible velocities and nuances. It could be tighter, too – there’s some overhang on discerning drum hits – yet it seems cross to protest given a sub’s slim frame.

The sound is remarkably detailed, evidenced by a frail rattle of steel robo-suits during conflict scenes and a pointed credentials gibberish in a Army barracks. Dialogue comes by shrill and transparent – Tom Cruise’s nasal tones are scarcely heard – and in ubiquitous there’s a superb clarity of congruity and honesty that creates for an interesting listen no matter what you’re playing.

Q Acoustics Q-TV2

Should we buy a Q Acoustics Q-TV2?

In a difference of David Brent, a good thought is a good thought forever, that is because a Q-TV2 is still a remarkably crafty and constrained audio solution, notwithstanding a age. It’s substantially invisible when clamped onto a behind of a TV, yet creates a participation famous with an exciting, enveloping and pithy sound, flushed with many of a qualities that make Q’s Media 4 soundbar so special.

Sure, a subwoofer is a diseased link, yet it still works wonders deliberation a slim dimensions, and a deficiencies are easy to disremember during this price. Overall opening is good adequate to contest with some-more new soundbars and soundbases, nonetheless a Media 4 is distant higher if we have a space and bill for it.

At a strange cost of £330 we’d substantially endowment a Q-TV2 8/10, yet during £150 it’s a nailed on 9/10 for perfect value. Snap one adult today.


Q’s superb rear-mounted TV orator delivers an impossibly large sound from a slim frame, creation it a take during a new knock-down price.

You can get a Q Acoustics Q-TV2 for £150 directly from a Q Acoustics site: click here

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