Quirkos brings renouned qualitative research program to a cloud

Quirkos Software announced this week a launch of a new cloud use for their qualitative content investigate tool, Quirkos.

After 5 years on a market, Quirkos has grown into a absolute apparatus for low qualitative investigate of content data, and is used in some-more than 450 universities and marketplace investigate firms opposite a world. It helps qualitative researchers sort, code, visualize and brand trends and insights in unstructured content data. This competence embody transcripts from interviews, concentration groups, feedback, process papers and educational literature. However, while Quirkos offers a secure height for operative with offline data, business were perfectionist a cloud option.

Dr Daniel Turner, owner and executive of Quirkos noted, “Our plea relocating to a cloud has been implementing information insurance mandate for users operative with trusted qualitative data, while creation entrance some-more stretchable and co-operative. We also wanted to keep a discerning charming interface that is one of a tip reasons people use Quirkos.”

“Increasingly we find that universities and vast organisations are embracing a SaaS model, and apropos some-more gentle with subscription formed licences,” pronounced Dr Turner. “This allows us to offer a new smoothness indication that creates many advantages for finish users, such as convenient, always permitted storage, and modernized information estimate in a cloud.

“Many vast marketplace investigate organisations are relocating to stretchable working, so a cloud height for analysing qualitative information during home or in a bureau has been a enterprise for these business for many years.”

After some-more than dual years in growth and endless beta testing, a Quirkos Cloud height is now permitted to subscribers on a quarterly and annual basis, with a 14 day giveaway trial. It advances Quirkos’ aim to make qualitative investigate some-more permitted by shortening cost, training requirements, and now earthy boundary to accessing qualitative data. Users will see no disproportion in a interface, only an additional choice to login and entrance their information from any mechanism with Quirkos installed. Data is now synchronised and automatically corroborated up, with mixed redundancies, and correspondence with all germane confidence and information insurance safeguards.

The cloud height will also concede for a growth of new functionality in destiny updates, including involuntary transcription, live partnership and appurtenance training tools.

About Quirkos Software:

Quirkos creates absolute qualitative investigate program used by some-more than 450 organisations opposite a universe to try and benefit discernment from their unstructured qualitative data. With a truth of morality first, Quirkos allows users to concentration on their data, rather than training formidable software.

Learn some-more during https://www.quirkos.com or https://www.linkedin.com/company/quirkos

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