Quran-reading during Shami’s residence for ‘playing XI’

LoginRegister@indiatimesLoginRegister@indiatimes11 maulvis control Quran-reading event during Shami’s house, encampment mosque send out special prayersMEERUT: Eleven maulvis conducted a Quran-reading event during Indian pacer Mohd Shami’s residence in Sahaspur-Alinagar encampment of Amroha on Wednesday, praying for a success of Team India in a World Cup semifinal to be hold on Thursday. Special prayers are also being hold in all 4 mosques of a village.

One of a maulvis, Maulana Mohammad Rihan Raza Naimi, told TOI on Wednesday: “The prayers are being hold not for only Shami’s good opening though also a win for Team India, that has so distant shown consistency. For all of us fabricated here as good as for a whole village, this is a special occasion, and God willing, a prayers will be answered.”

According to a maulvi, people are thronging all a 4 mosques in a village, where special prayers are being hold for a team’s success.

Elaborating on a stress of series 11, Shami’s father Tauseef said, “Eleven maulvis are praying for all a 11 players’ success.”

Shami’s father pronounced a villagers were slightest meddlesome in cricket until Shami done it to Team India. “Few people were meddlesome in a diversion here earlier. But Shami’s inclusion in a Indian patrol and his well-developed opening in a World Cup altered it all,” he said.

Tauseef pronounced there were skeleton for an elaborate feast if Indian win a essential tie opposite Australia. “Inshallah, we will have a good feast where all a villagers will be invited to applaud a win,” he said.

Shami’s grandmother was in request all day prolonged on Wednesday. His mom Anjumara Begum said, “My son is personification for a nation and my blessings are with him.”

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