RAWG to Reward Gamers For In-Game Achievements Using Blockchain…

RAWG’s ever-growing database now contains over 56,000 games.

We trust in a thought behind RAWG. It introduces new economics to gaming and creates a win-win scenario.

Video games have come a prolonged approach ever given Nintendo revolutionized a gaming attention in a 80s by a launch of cartridge-run diversion console, NES. The marketplace has been flourishing customarily in a past few decades as gaming itself remade to be partial of a cocktail enlightenment and has given managed to secure one of a tip 4 drivers in a party attention with over 2 billion gamers worldwide.

More than 70% of gamers currently do not extent themselves to privately play on one height due to a far-reaching operation of selections users have opposite all gaming systems. Despite that, there has not been a executive height that allows gamers to sync their diversion library, progress, and activities cross-platform.

Launched in 2017, RAWG has turn a “IMDb of games” by congregating over 56,000 games from obvious platforms such as Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and other eminent retro diversion platforms. RAWG users are means to correlate with gamers from anywhere but carrying to burst from height to height by this database. What a association combined is radically a centralized village among gamers. And, by a information collected from users’ diversion library, reviews and village interest, RAWG will also be means to delineate a personalized list of diversion recommendations for any actor on a system.

This summer, RAWG skeleton to deliver ‘RAWG tokens’, an all new inner banking that will be used as a prerogative to gamers on a height in-game achievements—the best magnitude a guess users’ time and skills invested in a game. In other words, RAWG users will be means sync their achievements from Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox with a height in sell for tokens whereby a volume is dynamic by a monument of any achievement.

RAWG utilizes cryptotech and blockchain record to energy a token. The tokens value is corroborated by advertising: one token equals 10 impressions of prerogative ads on RAWG and can be exchanged for partner offers or traded for gaming-related products and services. RAWG has partnered with heading diversion growth companies in a attention such as Playrix, Game Insight, Xsolla, Gaijin Entertainment, Wargaming, and more.

RAWG tokens will be live in a summer of 2018. To grasp this timeline, RAWG has also announced a crowdsale with a aim to lift $10 million in 3 apart rounds, some of that has already been raised.

“We’ve sealed a soothing top with $2M from Crypto BAZAR, who are veteran pre-ICO investors,” pronounced RAWG owner Gadji Makhtiev, “The second turn is starting now, we are operative to secure a subsequent $4M from crypto investment syndicates as a goal. However, a categorical turn for us is a final one. It will launch after this open and we are going to build a village of gamers ancillary RAWG and a thought that achievements are value something real.”

The crowdsale economy is utterly simple: for a initial 3 years after a crowdsale customarily RAWG tokens will give advertisers entrance to RAWG. The initial cost of one token is $0.03, and one token is equal to 10 impressions of prerogative arrangement ads on RAWG. That creates adult $3 for CPM. The supports lifted will be invested into adding new facilities – a rewarding system, recommendation algorithm, amicable and pro features, and marketing. The some-more people there are, a aloft promotion costs will be.

“We trust in a thought behind RAWG. It introduces new economics to gaming and creates a win-win scenario.” Said Oleg Ivanov handling partner of Crypto BAZAR, “Players will be rewarded for personification games they love, advertisers will get gamers with a deepest targeting on a media market, and RAWG will get a constant audience.”


Users will be rewarded for singular in-game achievements on gaming platforms synced with their RAWG comment (Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox).

Creators and editors on RAWG will also be rewarded tokens for contributing to a community.

Tokens can be exchanged for goods, services, or discounts from RAWG’s partners (Wargaming, Gaijin Entertainment, Playrix,the list will be expanded).

Tokens could be changed, means or sole by users by any approach available by internal legislation.

Advertisers could buy tokens on a marketplace and change any one for 10 views of prerogative arrangement promotion on RAWG.


The immeasurable content-rich database of over 56,000 games and 15,000 diversion creators.

Unique UGC-tools including games collections and emoji reviews.

Automatic synchronization of games from Steam, PSN, and Xbox.

Social facilities to follow friends and celebrities and watch their gaming knowledge in one place.

The personal gaming library with stats about platforms, genres, developers, etc.

The recover calendar.

About RAWG:

RAWG.io is a video diversion find height that translates your skills into products and services. Dubbed “the IMDb of games,” it boasts a database of 15,000 developers and over 56,000 games opposite half a hundred platforms. RAWG promises to be a initial use to suggest games formed on cross-platform information and already supports synchronization of Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam profiles. Even yet gaming requires a substantial investment of time and skills, players customarily do not accept any discernible rewards. Looking to change this, RAWG has announced a growth of a blockchain resolution that would prerogative a tellurian gaming village with RAWG tokens.

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About Crypto BAZAR:

Venture account Crypto BAZAR invests into blockchain-based projects during a pre-ICO stage. Crypto BAZAR has 11 projects in a portfolio. At a moment, a resources underneath government exceeds $15M.

Additional info about RAWG token: https://token.rawg.io/

Video about RAWG token: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vlatly4vbkc

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