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PaperLite Company LLC, an information supervision services association formed in Scottsdale, Arizona and Western Information Management Inc. (WesternIM), a Canadian-based personality in a annals and information supervision industry, currently announced that their companies have entered into an agreement by that PaperLite will sell WesternIM’s WISPIR software-as-a use (SaaS) height in a U.S., along with WesterIM’s veteran annals supervision consulting services.

The Companies’ interrelated capabilities guarantee to improved strengthen patron information and accommodate new, difficult remoteness mandates while simplifying a annals supervision process.

“One of a vital inhibitors to swell in a annals supervision zone is a outrageous register of bequest paper records,” pronounced Herb Martin, PaperLite owner and CEO.

“Organizational slight and insusceptibility over many years have resulted in outrageous amounts of stored paper papers that managers can't lane or even comment for in many instances. This difficulty is deeply cryptic for many companies currently in a face of mandates for correspondence in tie with new information remoteness authorised regulations,” pronounced Martin.

WISPIR enables a discerning and nurse physical-records register of all organizational papers and electronic files, many of that currently enclose supportive personal information that contingency now be improved organized, cumulative and stable according to these new mandates. WISPIR can total meta-data tagging from mixed earthy locations and many manifold request supervision systems. The extensive outcome presented by WISPIR can afterwards be used to rise some-more fit annals showing skeleton and influence schedules.

“We demeanour brazen to operative closely with WesternIM and a WISPER service,” pronounced Martin, “The WISPIR value tender will ring with a clients and turn an constituent partial of a use offering. Plus, WesternIM’s low plan knowledge will enhance a marketplace significantly.”

WesternIM President Rick Stirling agrees. “There is a synergistic fit between a dual companies,” he said. “The WISPIR use has been constituent to a success with countless vast classification in a energy, metropolitan government, First Nations, aloft education, and application sectors. We recover a use into a US marketplace by PaperLite with a procedure of a poignant validation that we have already perceived in Canada.”

WesternIM, headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, is an information supervision consulting association charity a far-reaching operation of services. It has helped rise many of today’s general information supervision and governance standards.

Located at. 105 – 110 Research Drive, Saskatoon, SK S7N 3R3

Tel: (306) 384 6868


PaperLite Company serves professional, institutional and industrial organizations seeking to revoke and improved conduct their register of stored paper and electronic papers unchanging with new open mandates to strengthen private data.

Located at: 17823 E Woolsey Way, Rio Verde, Arizona 85623

Tel: (480) 685 3205


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