Rega Planar 3 2016 Gadget

What is a Rega Planar 3 2016?

In a universe of hi-fi, Rega is mythological for a turntables, and a Planar 3 presumably many of all. In new years, this iconic mid-level rug has left underneath a name of “RP3”, yet for 2016 it’s been re-engineered and done a quip as a Planar 3 2016.

Rega claims a new Planar 3 has usually dual components in common with a prior RP3 model, and headlining a new facilities is a upgraded RB330 tonearm.

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Rega Planar 3 2016 – Design and Features

The Planar 3 is unequivocally rather appealing in a flesh. The silken plinth, that is accessible in black or white, is impeccably finished and set off simply by a lead tip prop that runs diagonally from a categorical temperament to a arm mount.

This is a belt-driven turntable that uses a sub-platter, on that a 12mm-thick potion platter sits, surfaced by a elementary felt mat. The expostulate belt connects a sub-platter to a engine pulley, that is stepped for 33rpm and 45rpm.

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Since a pulley is underneath a platter, we have to unconditionally mislay a platter to change speeds, that could be a tiny irritating if we barter between 33s and 45s an awful lot. You can simply redress that problem by adding a discretionary TT-PSU energy supply, that enables speed changes during a hold of a button.

The new 9-inch RB330 tonearm is positively Rega and looks really identical to a prior RB303. The many apparent differences are a new pattern of arm shave and anti-skate dial. There are copiousness of changes we substantially won’t notice as well, such as all-new bearings, a new counterweight and stiffer temperament housing. The arm wire has also been upgraded.

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It has an integrated headshell, with a good prolonged finger lift, and a lift arm during a bottom of a arm feels reassuringly solid. Many turntables feel like they need to be treated with child gloves, yet this Rega positively isn’t one of them.

The Planar 3 comes pre-fitted with Rega’s possess Elys 2 moving-magnet cartridge, value around £120, nonetheless we can buy it yet a cartridge for £550.

There’s no record clamp provided, yet Michell Engineering creates a rather good one that’s privately designed for Rega turntables for usually £35. Neither is there a spider granted for personification de-centred 45s. But one appendage we do get is a lid, that is odd over a entry-level models. If we can’t mount powdering or we have tiny children, this is a godsend. Its use is optional, though, given it simply slots in and out during a behind of a plinth, and a Planar 3 looks usually excellent yet it.

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Another change that Rega has done from a RP3 is a chain of a on/off switch. It no longer sits incongruously on tip of a plinth, yet is now orderly dark underneath a front left. You competence have to hunt for it during first, yet it shortly becomes second inlet to strech underneath and get your finger to it initial time.

Rega Planar 3 2016 – Performance

Setup for a Planar 3 is flattering minimal. The cartridge is already propitious and aligned, so it’s simply a box of popping a platter onto a spindle, wise a dirt cover – if we wish to – and afterwards environment a tracking force for a cartridge; this is achieved by relocating a counterweight along a behind of a tonearm regulating a vast dial on a side of a arm.

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Sadly, Rega doesn’t supply a tracking-force gauge, yet we can collect adult a automatic one for reduction than £10; digital models start during usually underneath £20. You can get a force roughly right yet one by following Rega’s instructions, yet I’d suggest shopping a sign to make certain we get it right. Incorrect tracking force can make a outrageous disproportion to a turntable’s sound.

There’s no phono theatre built into a Planar 3, so it needs plugging into a suitable phono pre-amplifier before hooking adult to your hi-fi’s line input. we did many of my contrast by a smashing Leema Acoustics Elements Ultra.

Sound peculiarity is positively startling for this price. The RB330 and Elys 2 multiple is able of glorious resolution, timing and attack, yet neglecting a bottom-end. The arm is simply able of holding on a some-more costly moving-coil (MC) cartridge for digging a tiny some-more fact out of those vinyl grooves, yet a Elys 2 does a enormous pursuit yet violation a bank.

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Percussion sounds crisp, vocals are transparent and realistic, and there’s copiousness of parsimonious bass. The Planar 3 was as happy with Nick Drake and Stephen Fretwell as it was with some early Prodigy and Soul II Soul. It’s such a low-pitched package.

A genuine prominence was listening to Pink Floyd’s “Welcome to a Machine”, with a Planar 3 requesting such parsimonious control and good timing to a searing, immersive stereo effects that it felt roughly as if a laser round saw competence come spinning into my conduct during any moment.

Should we buy a Rega Planar 3 2016?

For many people, this is all a turntable they could ever need. Sure, it isn’t as visually distinguished as a likewise labelled Pro-Ject RPM 3 Carbon, yet it does all else so right.

My usually genuine premonition is that if we barter between 33s and 45s a lot, you’ll substantially need to bill another £200 for a discretionary TT-PSU energy supply. That’s a poignant additional sum, yet it could be value it for a combined convenience.

If you’re looking for a record actor for reduction than £1,000, we need demeanour no serve than this.


A truly conspicuous turntable package that can’t be bettered for a money.

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