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What is a Removu S1?

While electronic picture stabilisation is now a underline of a GoPro Hero 5 Black, it’s still not a compare for automatic stabilisation. That’s where a gimbal like a Removu S1 comes in.

The Removu S1 is a 3-axis gimbal that will assistance we get rock-steady footage from your GoPro. It’s concordant with a GoPro Hero 3/3+, Hero 4, Hero 5 and Session models regulating conflicting housing options. You’re also giveaway to mountain a Removu S1 yet a grip, definition we can have stabilised footage even when helmet- or chest-mounted.

Giving it a corner over GoPro’s possess Karma Grip is a detachable Bluetooth remote control, a rain-proof pattern and support for removable batteries. It’s not a totally well-spoken ride, however. Distracting engine sound – during slightest when interconnected with a Hero 5 Black – can be an issue, and follow modes can be a tiny slow, yet altogether a Removu S1 is a decent gimbal.

Removu S1 – Design and Setup

The Removu S1 is a strong and plain gimbal, weighing a tiny some-more than a GoPro Karma Grip yet feeling reassuringly sturdy. Most of that weight is in a motorised conduct that has a 3-axis stabilisation as good as housing a mode controls and a tiny display.

You’ll need to buy a scold indication for your GoPro Hero camera, as there are twin configurations accessible – one with a mountain for a Hero 3/3+ and Hero 4 (€379), or another pattern that adds a Hero 5 Black mountain as good (€389).

Removu S1

Both configurations also embody a concordant mountain for a cubed Hero Session cameras. There are also several housing options thrown in, as good as a accessible tough box for storing everything. You can buy a Hero 5 Black mountain alone should we finish adult upgrading your GoPro, too.

The S1 breaks down into 3 member parts: a palm grip, a motorised gimbal conduct and a GoPro housing, and all of a tools close into place simply with a spin lock. The palm reason is a tiny squared off for my fondness and doesn’t utterly heed to your palm as ergonomically as a Karma Grip does.

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Removu S1

In a good touch, a bottom of a reason can be private and you’ll find somewhere we can reserve gangling microSD cards. Considering how easy they are to lose, this is many welcome.

The wireless Bluetooth remote control attaches to a reason and can be simply popped out by dire on a bottom edge. It’s maybe a tiny too easy to cocktail it out, though. On a remote is a joystick for adjusting a camera angle and changing sharpened modes, that is going to be quite useful if we mountain a S1 out of a way, such as on a helmet.

Removu S1

Unfortunately, there’s no choice to upset a plane or straight pivot controls. we found a straight composition worked a conflicting of what felt healthy to me but, like a controls for first-person video games, this competence be a personal thing.

There are apart energy buttons on a remote and gimbal, that you’ll need to spin on separately. You’ll also need to manually energy on your GoPro, too. Having 3 things to energy adult when sharpened can be a tiny fiddly and is reduction superb than when regulating a Karma Grip, that can automatically energy adult a connected GoPro. You’ll also need to strike a record symbol directly on your GoPro (or use your voice if regulating a Hero 5 model), as a remote can’t do this.

Removu S1 – Performance and modes

As mentioned, a motorised gimbal can possibly be trustworthy to a reason or used alone with a customary GoPro mount. This will let we insert GoPro mounts, such as a glue options, to mountain a camera onto helmets and a like. As a gimbal is pretty heavy, it’s really something we feel a weight of if head-worn.

Removu S1

Using possibly a controls on a gimbal or wireless remote, we can toggle between Pan, Follow or Locked modes. The initial will keep a fast setting and usually stagger on a plane axis, since Follow will also lean vertically. The latter keeps a bound viewpoint, as you’d expect.

All modes resulted in some super-steady footage, even when walking, that can be quite wily to stabilise. we did, however, find a Follow mode delayed to respond. There’s a graphic loiter in attempting to aim a camera elsewhere and a gimbal responding. The engine is also delayed when manually adjusting a angle regulating a remote control.

Supposedly, a speed is something Removu is looking to urge with firmware updates, yet as it stands it was something we found myself somewhat wrestling with.

You can also use a S1 inverted for low-angle shots. If regulating a Pan mode, you’ll need to reason a S1 upside down and afterwards manually stagger your camera by hand. You’re somewhat singular when sharpened upside down, though, as a S1 can finish adult in your shots if you’re not careful.

Motor sound was a biggest issue, however. we was contrast with GoPro’s latest Hero 5 Black model, that has a twin microphones for softened audio. These picked adult a sound of a gimbal’s engine really clearly, even yet to my ear a engine wasn’t that loud. we suppose this is exacerbated by a sound of a motor’s vibrations carrying by a housing to a GoPro’s some-more supportive microphones.

At initial when examination behind outward footage, we suspicion maybe it was breeze sound we hadn’t beheld even yet it was a ease day. But, carrying tested again indoors, it’s really a outcome of a motors.

Pan mode while walking

Follow mode. Notice a delayed pans and a engine noise

In fairness, a sound emanate was somewhat alleviated when we used a discretionary counterweight that’s enclosed in a box. The user beam done no discuss of indeed wanting to use it with a Hero 5 Black, though, usually when regulating a rain-proof covers. You’ll need to put a gimbal into a BacPac mode to take into comment a additional weight.

Removu S1

The counterweight attaches to a outward of a gimbal and helps not usually change everything, yet also to moderate a vibrations. But even with this attached, a engine sound was still an issue, that is a genuine shame. we didn’t have an comparison GoPro indication to exam it with, yet a engine sound emanate competence be reduction of a problem with those cameras.

Removu S1 – Battery life and charging

Removu S1

The motorised conduct has a battery compartment. You’ll need to mislay a battery and assign it in a apart cradle, that can also be used to assign a enclosed wireless remote control only by shifting a whole thing in.

Having a choice to buy gangling batteries will be useful for those out on longer shoots with any battery durability around 3 hours. The charging cradle has a Micro USB connection.

Should we buy a Removu S1?

Removu S1

The Removu S1 is a really versatile gimbal and one-ups a Karma Grip interjection to a removable battery and wireless remote control – both facilities that can infer really useful when out in a field.

However, during slightest when sharpened with a Hero 5 Black, a engine sound lets it down. The at-present delayed follow mode is also a shame, and a knowledge can feel a tiny clunky when compared to a GoPro Karma Grip. Still, there’s no jealous that a Removu S1 can assistance constraint some severely sharp footage, even if it isn’t perfect.

A destiny firmware refurbish competence tackle twin of my biggest complaints, yet as it stands a Removu S1 is sadly flawed.

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The Removu S1 delivers super-smooth footage, yet motor-noise issues let it down.

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