Rencore helps Brabant Water to get a many out of their SharePoint…

The SharePoint Customization Analysis Framework (SPCAF)

The deficiency of a SharePoint customization governance devise can outcome in bad performance, maintenance, and information security.

Rencore announces that Brabant Water has successfully integrated SPCAF, Rencore’s SharePoint Customization Analysis Framework, into their IT governance and risk impediment approach. Since starting with SPCAF in mid-2017, Brabant Water has significantly cut altogether growth time, technical support cases, and peculiarity declaration costs for their SharePoint and Office 365 environments.

Brabant Water run Microsoft SharePoint 2013 to horde an Intranet as good as internet and a patron portal. They also horde an extranet on Microsoft Office 365. Because of their rarely customized SharePoint environments, it was transparent that an programmed proceed to reviewing what new customizations are going into prolongation was a best track for Brabant Water. The idea was to revoke cost and urge customization quality, generally with a flourishing formula base. It was critical to optimize a time and cost though slicing corners on a peculiarity of a entirely operational formula review.

SPCAF upheld a lead developer during Brabant H2O in behaving a strong and high-quality examination of a formula used in all customizations, though some-more significantly, it helped broach a improved peculiarity of customization combined by countless developers. Furthermore, Brabant Water are regulating SPCAF to peculiarity control third celebration software. The SPCAF apparatus checks over 1000 manners for ubiquitous and SharePoint-specific customization issues on both normal and complicated growth methodologies. With this form of specification, Brabant Water achieved their idea of being in finish control of a customizations that they use.

Matthias Einig, CEO of Rencore: “Customer successes like Brabant Water assistance other organizations get a many out of their platforms to make certain they do their upmost to secure customizations and not deliver risks to their SharePoint environments. The effect of violent customizations can outcome in bad performance, maintenance, and information security.”

About Brabant Water:

Brabant Water is a H2O association that reserve uninformed celebration H2O to 2.5 million inhabitants and companies in North Brabant, Netherlands. 800 employees safeguard that their business can count on purify and protected celebration H2O anywhere in Brabant. They do not essay for profit, though usually for a best peculiarity and service. By operative efficiently, Brabant Water keeps a cost of celebration H2O low.

About Rencore GmbH:

Rencore is a heading provider of program safeguarding organizations opposite customization risks in Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. Their proven apartment of products detects and resolves intensity confidence issues and correspondence risks caused by tradition coded solutions, third-party components, and citizen developers. Rencore’s de-facto customary collection are addressing 3 pivotal areas: Risk Prevention, Transformation, and Governance. Rencore’s leading-edge program is devoted by some-more than 500 organizations worldwide and is used by Microsoft among other vital enterprises.

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