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Early adoption of a technologies done accessible by Rent Manager’s API complement is putting properties light-years forward of a competition—securing aloft lease prices and attracting some-more tenants.

London Computer Systems (LCS), developer of Rent Manager® skill government module and other business-critical technologies, is gratified to announce a further of intelligent home automation record for Rent Manager users and their tenants by a new focus module interface (API) partnership with PointCentral, a auxiliary of

Everyone wants a intelligent home. Whether it’s with Amazon’s Alexa personification a favorite strain or Siri revelation us today’s continue forecast, people are looking some-more and some-more to record to make their lives during home easier. Now, with PointCentral home automation technology, Rent Manager users can yield that same turn of preference for their residents and staff alike.

PointCentral provides enterprise-grade intelligent home automation that was designed with skill managers in mind. From remote thermostat operation and property-wide appetite expenditure insights; to immediate pivotal formula generation, entrance control, and monitoring on all of your doors; PointCentral is a pivotal to using a state-of-the-art operation for tenants perfectionist a preference of a intelligent home.

“Home automation record is a essential cause in assisting skill managers streamline their operations and save income for owners. PointCentral is delivering loyal ‘smarts’ to home automation by predictive analytics, while giving tenants a conveniences they want, like keyless access—including a ability to emanate one-time-use pivotal codes for upkeep work or residence guests—and control of locks, room temperature, lights and more, right from their intelligent phone,” shares Sean Miller, boss of PointCentral. “Smart home automation will be a vital motorist of creation a altogether reside knowledge some-more beguiling and frictionless for a foreseeable future.”

Installation and doing is easy, with PointCentral’s consultant confidence installers opposite a U.S. who are prepared to set adult new properties with minimal stop to daily operations. And since a complement runs off of mobile data, wi-fi loiter time and internal appetite outages will never impact performance.

As a attention trends some-more toward a overarching doing of technology, intelligent home properties will fast turn a norm, rather than a exception. Early adoption of a technologies done accessible by Rent Manager’s API complement is putting properties light-years forward of a competition—securing aloft lease prices and attracting some-more tenants.

About LCS

Incorporated in 1987 and headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, London Computer Systems (LCS) is a developer of business-critical module used in all 50 states and several markets around a world. LCS products embody Rent Manager® skill government software, rmVoIP write systems, and enterprise-level hosting solutions around the Sentry Data Center.

LCS also provides finish network design, doing and support services, and tradition website growth by the IT Services and Web Design Services divisions. With some-more than 20,000 users, LCS combines best technologies with best practices to emanate unique, affordable, customer-focused products and services.

For some-more information about LCS, greatfully call 800-669-0871 or revisit

About PointCentral

PointCentral, a auxiliary of (Nasdaq: ALRM), provides brief and long-term skill managers with an enterprise-class resolution that monitors and controls Smart Home record opposite all properties in their inventory, over a best-in-class secure and arguable network—increasing skill awareness, shortening appetite costs, and improving guest and reside satisfaction. PointCentral’s solutions concede skill managers to comprehend operational efficiencies, while 86% of millennial renters and 65% of baby boomer renters are peaceful to compensate some-more for a skill with Smart Home automation. For some-more information, greatfully revisit

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