RiutBag R10 and R15 2016 Gadget

What is a RiutBag?

The RiutBag, now in a second generation, is a ‘backwards backpack’ that has a zips opposite your back, that creates it harder for pickpockets to entrance and take your belongings. Funded by a Kickstarter campaign, a RiutBag R10 and R15 have been rested for 2016, make-up new pockets, tractable straps, phony bands and an appealing new Navy blue colour.

The backpacks are accessible in dual sizes: a R10 is a 10-litre chronicle and a incomparable R15 is a 15-litre bag, that includes a accessible bottle holder. However, both underline a identical inner blueprint and can accommodate adult to 15-inch laptops, a inscription and A4-sized documents.

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What’s new in a 2016 edition?

The 2016 book of a RiutBag is really some-more of an expansion than a revolution. It’s still got a zips on a back, it’s still done from waterproof Cordura, and it’s still a gentle and atmospheric backpack. While zero elemental has altered here, a few new facilities and a integrate of teenager tweaks to a pattern make it an all-round softened backpack.

Quick entrance is a name of a diversion this year, with a new D-pocket (named for a shape) during a bottom of a behind of a RiutBag, that has been designed for accessibility. The slot allows we to get your things out – either it’s your keys, wallet, phone, sight tickets or pass – yet holding a bag off your back. The accessible tip slot has also been improved, being now significantly deeper so we can store some-more than only hand-gel, mints and a span of backup earphones (what else do we need?).

There’s a new trolley container strap, that means we can trip your container or container hoop by a strap, so we don’t have to lift your RIutBag on your behind all a time – really accessible if you’re a visit flyer.

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One of a simpler, yet no reduction intelligent improvements is a ability to adjust – and even mislay – a chest straps from a RiutBag. we took them off flattering many true away, as it done a shoulder straps demeanour tidier and some-more professional.

My favourite new underline is a further of 4 charming RiutBands, that we can insert to a bag’s tip handle. Bundled with all 2016 RiutBags, a red, blue, immature and pinkish bands concede we to personalise your bag – so if we come opposite another RiutBag, you’ll know that is yours.

More importantly though, on a retreat of a RiutBands is a contemplative element that creates your bag – and, by extension, we – many some-more manifest on a road. So if you’re a cyclist or frequently travel in a dark, this is a good new feature.

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Speaking of colour, a RiutBag is now accessible in Navy blue (my favourite) as good as black, nonetheless a strange grey indication is no longer being offered.

What we like about a RiutBag

At a core, a RiutBag is a gentle and smart-looking trek that wouldn’t demeanour out of place in a bureau or even on a propagandize playground.

But that in itself doesn’t aver a RiutBag’s £89.99 seeking cost – £99.99 for a incomparable R15. What does make it special, however, is a innovative retrograde design, that honestly gives me assent of mind when I’m carrying costly apparatus around London.

Pickpocketing might not be as common as it used to be, yet when you’re packaged onto a swarming tube train, many of us are still acutely wakeful of a intensity for people to open a zips and trip their palm into a bags.

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The RiutBag is generally good for swarming spaces, such as concerts, where it’s mostly tough to be vigilant. It also gives we assent of mind when you’re on holiday and exploring places we don’t know well.

The ubiquitous organization is good, too. You can fit all a standard commuter would need, such as a laptop, pad of paper, inscription and all a detritus that comes with them, with no bitch during all. There’s plenty padding, too, and we adore a approach lax pieces of chubby can be contained in an effervescent tag so they don’t hook around.

Fundamentally, it’s a good bag for bland use.

What we don’t like about a Riutbag

There are one or dual things I’d change about a RiutBag, though. One underline we would like to have seen is a dedicated space for my camera. There’s a laptop and inscription pocket, yet it would’ve been good to have a stable area for camera or other equipment. A bigger 20- or 25-litre RiutBag indication would also be good to have, as we infrequently onslaught wise all in a R15 even when I’m simply regulating it as an overnight bag – cramming in clothes, coat, laptop, tablet, toiletries and so on.

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My examination representation is a RiutBag R15 – a indication I’d suggest – yet we cruise if we bought one for myself I’d have to reason my exhale and tighten my eyes as we forsaken 100 quid on it. That’s not to contend it’s not value it, yet £100 for a trek is costly in anyone’s book.

Having pronounced that, we tend to use backpacks for a good few years before we reinstate them, and if a RiutBag protects my effects in a routine I’m happy to cruise it a bit of an ‘investment’.

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Should we buy a Riutbag?

It’s tough to get vehement about a backpack, yet a RiutBag honestly offers something some-more than a normal carrier does. we lift around cameras, laptops and tablets each day and, regardless of either I’m walking down a bustling street, hopping onto a tube sight or throwing a flight, we honestly feel my effects are safer – that is one reduction thing to worry about.

It’s a small pricier than I’d like and we wouldn’t rush out to ascent to a new 2016 indication if we already owned a strange RiutBag, yet for everybody else we rarely suggest it.


A good buy for anyone who wants a bag that’s secure – it binds roughly all and gives we assent of mind.

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