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What is a RiutBag R10?

RiutBag started life as a Kickstarter – a Kickstarter that delivered and is now thriving. It’s a elementary though shining idea. The RiutBag doesn’t underline any zips on a front, creation it near-impenetrable to would-be thieves. It’s a ideal bland bag to take with we on packaged commuter trains, to concerts, or anywhere else we might feel unprotected among crowds.

The R10 is a 10-litre chronicle – a incomparable 15-litre bag includes a accessible bottle holder. However, both accommodate adult to 15-inch laptops, and underline a identical inner blueprint with copiousness space for full, A4-sized papers and adequate pens to start your possess travelling still shop.

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What’s good about a RiutBag R10?

It’s a courtesy to fact that creates a RiutBag so great. Small details, such as a effervescent loops for orderly containing lax straps, uncover that it’s been crafted with copiousness of thought. Yet this isn’t reflected in a cost – while £80 isn’t cheap, it’s positively reasonable compared to what we could spend on such a bag.

Instead of accessing a bag by an apparent zip during a front, a categorical cell of a bag opens during a back. It opens far-reaching like a book too, so it’s easy to get to any equipment that are sitting right during a bottom of a bag. we hatred fumbling around blindly, so this pattern works for me.

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The array of useful pouches and pockets – an considerable series given a bag’s slim measure – make it elementary to organize a essence of your bag. There are dual zipped net pockets, another zipped neoprene container large adequate for a Kindle (or book), and a elementary trip in and out container for documents, folders and other A4-shaped items.

The categorical laptop cell is good stable on all sides and includes straps to reason your laptop in place. Ample stuffing during a bottom protects your laptop when we put your bag down, and a bottom of a bag is waterproof too.

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This is a gentle bag to hold. Chunky, breathable stuffing during a behind prevents any irritating swelling or prodding, and it’s sculpted to let atmosphere in and forestall sweating. There’s even a chest tag for when you’re carrying a complicated load, nonetheless we frequency had means to use it.

The RiutBag also includes a contingent of useful, easy entrance outmost pockets, despite ones that are watchful adequate that thieves can’t get during them. Two, one on any strap, are ideal for storing transport cards for example, while a incomparable one during a behind can reason a phone, passport, tissues and a few some-more pieces and bobs.

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And RiutBag takes a Pimp My Ride proceed to coop holders – a association listened we favourite pens, so it provides we with coop holders for your pens, 12 in total. I’m not certain that there will be many folk who will need that number, though if we do afterwards a RiutBag has we covered.

What’s bad about a RiutBag R10?

Not much, though here a few things of that we should be aware. First, a R10 lacks any storage for bottles, so your usually choice is to place a bottle lax inside a bag; a R15 adds a dedicated holder, however.

The RiutBag also isn’t a many stylish bag I’ve seen – we had a grey version, though in my opinion a black one looks sleeker.

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Camera owners should demeanour elsewhere, too. The dual filigree pockets were excellent for my Panasonic Lumix GX7 and dual lenses, though they’re formidable to get to if we wish to take a snap on a coax of a moment, and too tiny for anything incomparable than a above model.

This isn’t a critique per se, given a RiutBag isn’t designed for cameras, though it’s value deliberation if we lift one often.

Finally, while a laptop container is excellent for laptops 13-inches or larger, there is a risk that smaller laptops and tablets could trip out. While a dual straps reason bigger machines in place securely, smaller ones – we lift a Surface 3 around with me infrequently – pierce around distant more. However, a small caring when opening a bag will equivocate any accidents.

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Should we buy a RiutBag R10?

I’m strict about bags, though a RiutBag R10 has won me over. It’s comfortable, congested with useful additions, and a crafty pattern when it comes to confidence is really reassuring. Which chronicle we opt for will count on your particular needs, though in my opinion we won’t go distant wrong with either.


An ingenious, courteous and secure bag that’s ideal for bustling commuters.

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