RIVS Partners with Satori Consulting and Achieves GDPR Compliance

RIVS, a heading provider of interviewing technologies, currently announced that it is agreeable with a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) obligations. Organizations providing services to EU information subjects (citizens or residents) contingency approve with GDPR by May 25, 2018.

“GDPR is unchanging with a goal to make life easier for a stakeholders,” pronounced Phil Leslie, Chief Executive Officer of RIVS. “We value progressing a remoteness of a patron information and providing clarity in estimate as we move innovative services to a marketplace. RIVS is committed to nutritious GDPR correspondence and enabling a business to contest in a European Economic Area (EEA).”

Satori’s GDPR Compliance Services partnered with RIVS to raise their remoteness and confidence culture, determine information insurance by pattern in existent processes, refurbish notices and contractual documentation, and settle processes to support particular requests. The comment and ensuing module supposing a transparent and actionable trail to correspondence that RIVS finished in allege of a May 25, 2018 deadline.

Mike Ault, Managing Director Satori Consulting, stated: “Our partnership with RIVS is vital and demonstrates a joining to providing well-developed remoteness and confidence services to beam a business in a insurance of data. We have a proven record of assisting a business conduct risk and correspondence as they move innovative solutions to a marketplace.” Leslie added, “Satori’s services were useful in a query to grasp GDPR compliance.”

Satori will continue a partnership with RIVS into a destiny by providing Data Protection Officer (DPO) services indispensable to say GDPR correspondence over time.

Additional information on RIVS’ GDPR correspondence is accessible during https://www.rivs.com/security/gdpr/

For additional information on Satori’s GDPR Compliance Services, revisit https://www.satoriconsulting.com/cybersecurity.html or hit us during [email protected]

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